Accounting in Excel

  kentylad 23:15 29 Jul 2003

Right, my Dad has rightfully informed me that in the world of accounting, a figure with brackets around it indicates a loss i.e. a minus number

When putting a number within brackets in excel, it recognises this as changes the input text by adding a minus sign i.e. (255.32) would become -255.32

This seemed alright to me and rather clever (!), however much to my dismay, my Dad finds this a huge annoyance!

Ah, but thats not it!! He wants to be able to input a negative number and for excel to change this to one with brackets around it i.e. input -255.32 which would then be changed to (255.32)

Any ideas?

  VoG II 23:19 29 Jul 2003

Select your range of cells/Format, choose Accounting.

  kentylad 23:27 29 Jul 2003

which does what? doesn't change "-xxx" to "(xxx)" ..................

  VoG II 23:28 29 Jul 2003

Changes -234 to £(234)

  whybe 03:46 30 Jul 2003

The accounting format in excel just aligns the figures in the columns. Excel is using mathematical formulie to enable calculations on the cells to be done. Is your Father describing Accountant records/accounts presentation conventions? Forcing Excel to display that would negate being able to make meaningful calculations. Have you asked him what accounting software they use to make the necessary calculations but present it in the classical Accountancy form? Or do they convert the result to the formal standard?
Mind you I was only a bank manager!

  kentylad 09:13 30 Jul 2003

My Father doesn't work for a corporate company as I believe you are referring to (hence 'what accounting software they use').

He works from home and deals with self-employed people ranging from builders to window fitters.

He uses excel for all his accounts and published tax return software; obviously for such things as tax returns.

It is only him who will see the accounts apart from the party on whom they are based, so it is easier for him to understand if in the format he recognises i.e. with brackets



  whybe 12:57 30 Jul 2003

Sorry Nick I've had a look at my Excel and can't find a way of changing its format to as your father would like. Perhaps someone else has the solution? Ian

  whybe 16:53 30 Jul 2003

Nick. I know it is not a solution but would changing how negatives are displayed to red text be a part way solution? Ian

  VoG II 17:03 30 Jul 2003

If you mean that you want it to displat a negative number like (1234) without a pound sign: Select your range of cells, Format/Cells, choose Number, select (1234.10) from the list , pick the number of decimal places you want.

  Jester2K II 17:09 30 Jul 2003

Right click the cells he's using.
Shock - VoGs suggestion didn't work for me either so here goes....

Select Format Cells, Number Tab

Category Custom

Under Type put


Positive £56 will show as £56.00

Negative £56 will show as (£56.00)

That OK?

  VoG II 17:13 30 Jul 2003

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