Accounting 2008 Part Unpaid Invoice Write-Off

  gsp1969 22:04 31 Aug 2008


I'm using MS Accounting Professional 2008 and I want to write off an unpaid portion of a customer invoice. The customer has paid most of it but there is £10 remaining which I will not receive. I want to write this payment off. When I open up the Invoice it show that the £10 is still due, so follwoing the help instructions, I goto 'Receive Payment' and the Customer Payment window opens. I select the invoice in the list which has the outstanding amount and then go to the 'Write Off' column. I click on this and in the Write-Off dialog box I enter the amount. The account showing is 'Write Off'. I click on Close.

The Invoice is selected, the Amount Due shows £10 and the Write-Off shows £10, the Payment Column shows £0. For some reason it requires that a Finance Account is selected. If the payment is written off then surely that amount will not be entering any finance account as it is not going to be received.

When I click on 'Save and Close' it brings up a message box that says 'There are no invoices associated with this payment, do you want to make it a VAT-Inclusive Pre-payment?'. I say 'no', but why does it say that there is not an invoice associated when is selected in the main window? It then says that 'The full payment has not been applied to the invoices. Do you want to save the payment?'. If I say yes, the £10 amount is deposited in the finance account that I've had to select.

Why does it require a finance account? The included help with Accounting 2008 is not thorough enough to detail each stage. Please could anyone give me some advice on how I can write off an outstanding invoice payment without it appearing in a finance account and ensuring that my customer accounts balance correctly?

Thanks and regards,

  Newuser38 08:32 01 Sep 2008

Have you tried the UK public site at click here MS dont seem to get very involved but there are some pretty helpful people on there. Also a textbook which I have no personal knowledge of click here mentioned by the author!

  Newuser38 21:03 02 Sep 2008

Have had a quick look at this and it seems to me that the Finance account you need to select is 'Write Off' this will I think ensure that the amount is not counted as income. If you go into Company and chart of accounts there is a 'Write Off' Account.

  gsp1969 11:58 03 Sep 2008

Thanks for your reply. I tried to do this in the 'Recieve Payment' option on the invoice - as it was the Help section that directed me there for writing of an unpaid invoice amount. The 'Customer Payment' form appears. I click on the amount in the 'Write-Off' column and a dialog box comes up. The 'Write-Off' Account is selected and the amount £10 is entered. When I close, this £10 appears in the 'Write-Off' column of the Payment Table. In order to complete this transaction, the 'Customer Payment' form has to have a 'Deposit In' account selected. This does not make sense, but it is a required selection. The only options for this are Finance Account, i.e. bank accounts.

I'm very confused with this. I only want to write off an outstanding amount on an invoice.

  wee eddie 18:11 11 Sep 2008

Is there no facility for entering a Credit Note!

  gsp1969 23:51 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for the suggestions, but I worked it out in the end. The mistake I made was to leave the 'Amount' at the top part of the 'Customer Payment' form with £10 in - as this was the remaining unpaid amount from my customer invoice. I then set the write-off amount as £10. This made a double payment and set that transaction as £20 - £10 in the Finance account and £10 in the Write-Off account. If I set the main 'Amount' box at £0, because no money is technically being deposited, and then put the £10 in the write-off column, then it all works out okay and I don't get any warning messages when I process the payment. Although 'Deposit In' still requires a finance account, this will only appear as a £0 deposit in the Finance Account and will appear as £10 in the Write-Off Account.

This seems to work okay.

  Newuser38 14:21 13 Sep 2008

Well done and thanks for the post in the MOA site. I think MS still have some work to do particularly in the area of 'help' and 'how to use'

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