accordion widget in side navigation bar not workin

  toaglass 08:10 05 Jul 2008

I'm trying to design my site using an accordion widget for my left-side navigation bar: each tab is a product category and when you click it, it shows all the subcategories. When I was working on just the index page, the accordion worked fine every time I checked it in Internet Explorer. But then I changed my document into a template, making the left-side bar a non-editable region, and created 5 or 6 pages off of the template. Now, when I'm in dreamweaver looking at any of those 6 pages, I can click the non-editable accordion tabs to see the content, but when I check it in either IE or firefox, the accordion tabs will not open, all except for the last tab on the bottom which opens just fine.
Does anybody have any idea why this would happen?
Is it possible to use an accordion widget as my left-side navigation bar?
Thanks in advance!

  gerri-atrick 16:11 05 Jul 2008

An Accordian widget should be working even after saving the page as a template, it looks like you may have changes something else, having experienced this kind of thing before with spry widgets i have now got into the habit of just deleting the .js file in the spry folder in the root folder of the site, and replacing it with an original .js file as all your settings/background etc are in the .css file. doing it that way will save you a lot of time........... and headaches ;)

  toaglass 18:37 05 Jul 2008

Should the new .js file have any information in it or just be blank?

  gerri-atrick 21:23 05 Jul 2008

Normally i just use a .js file that i have used in another site with accordian in it, you could just make up a dummy site in DW, make a new page, page put in accordian and copy it from there.

  gerri-atrick 21:37 05 Jul 2008

You could save your .css file then delete your spry assets folder and spry accordian from your site,
then insert it again in the same place, save it, and you will be asked if you want to save the files again , click yes, then paste your saved accordian.css in the folder......sae results as above except you will have to redo your links. the css file will have all your design info on it.

  toaglass 23:36 05 Jul 2008

I made a dummy site, and copied the .js file from there to my site. Unfortunately no luck. Is there some code I should be looking for in the .js file to either fix or delete?

Thanks so much for all your help!

  gerri-atrick 20:50 06 Jul 2008

Is it possible you have activex disabled in your browsers? if not i suggest going here click here
check the part "Turning Animation Off" as you may have put a or "false" value in there.

  toaglass 07:56 07 Jul 2008

Unfortunately these didn't work either: activex is enabled and the animation value is set to true. What I can't figure out is why would the bottom tab open when clicked while the others do not?

  toaglass 09:55 07 Jul 2008

I just uploaded the site even though it's under construction. It's at click here and the .js and .css files are in click here

Thanks for your help!

  gerri-atrick 21:16 09 Jul 2008

I checked your site and discovered it was your .js file that was the problem you need to replace the one you have in your spryAssets folder in the root folder of your site, it is easy and it does work (i have done this on your site and got it working,) if you wish post your email addy and i will send you the working file (its too big to post on here) but it is definately that file,

Also to get rid of the dotted line around the accordian in firefox you will need to make a advanced style called Accordion:focus when the rule definition box opens just click ok (a style with no properties) then click on it to highlight it in css style pane, then in the properties pane (bottom part of css style) click add property link, type "outline", hit tab, then type "none" ,,,,thats it :)
once you replace the .js file and do the :focus instructions it will work and will even look better in firefox and safari :))

  toaglass 21:49 09 Jul 2008

Wow thanks so much for this help! My email is: teach one another (take out the spaces) at msn dot com.

Can't wait to try it out.

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