Accidently uninstalled my HDD driver!?!

  Muckleface 16:25 12 Mar 2011


I've been trying to reosolve a problem with a CD drive on my Mum's PC and have accidently uninstalled the HDD driver!

It says I need to reboot for the changes to take effect, but I don't want them to take effect as I'm worried I'll lose everything (including thousands of photos).

I'm scared to turn the PC off - what can I do?

I've tried doing "scan hardware for changes" on the HDD but when I go into driver properties it still says the drivers will be uninstalled when I reboot.



  961 16:37 12 Mar 2011

Not in the recycle bin by any chance?

  Zeppelyn 16:38 12 Mar 2011

Dont panic, just restart the PC and Windows will automatically reinstall the correct driver.

  Muckleface 16:40 12 Mar 2011

What i it doesn't though Zeppelyn? Will the files all still be recoverable from the HDD?

  ACOLYTE 16:41 12 Mar 2011

The only problem i can see if it was a sata driver,and sata HDD but im not sure you can uninstall those to be honest.But as said if its a normal IDE HDD then wiundows should just detect the drive and re install the drivers.

  Forum Editor 16:51 12 Mar 2011

It will, and yes, all your files will be just where they were.

In any case, you have them all backed up on another drive, or on DVDs, don't you?

  rdave13 16:53 12 Mar 2011

It's a new one for me but I'd go for a system restore to the nearest date while you're still running, just in case.
Check with your mum that she has a backup of these photos.

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