Accidently Deleted Some DLL Files on Desktop,

  skthecat 13:07 28 Apr 2008

Good afternoon everyone, well here's another newbie who does not know what they are doing!!!

Well, I was cleaning up my desktop on Friday last and accidently deleted 2 or 3 DLL Icons! Since I did this my All in one is now only a Printer!!! I have re-loaded the installation disks again but to no avail. The All in one is a Lexmark X1180, the DLL files were/are (Not 100% sure) Something to do with a flatbed scanner. Any idea on where I can go from here? I downloaded a registry fix because that is what my web search recommended but this seems to have had no effect at all!! Plese Help!!
Thanks in advance for any help given.



  Technotiger 13:09 28 Apr 2008

If you are using XP try a System Restore back to before things went haywire.

  ICF 13:28 28 Apr 2008

Uninstall the all in one printer unplug the usb cable.Then reboot and install as per instruction that came with the device.

  skthecat 13:37 28 Apr 2008

ICF I have tried the uninstall, in fact I have tried this method several times, but the device just comes back as a printer! even the buttons on the device dont do anything when pressed (IE manually Scan/Copy buttons) I dont know how to do a system restore? Any clue to doing this?


  ICF 13:38 28 Apr 2008

Are they not still in your recycle bin? If they are just restore them.

  Technotiger 14:12 28 Apr 2008

System Restore ... Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore

then choose to Restore My computer to an earlier date, then choose a date shown in Bold print (the other dates are not restore points) and then click on Next ....

  Technotiger 14:12 28 Apr 2008

PS - make sure you choose a date back to before you had any problems.

  skthecat 15:40 28 Apr 2008

I will try the system restore route, to be honest, I thought the Icons I removed were old eBay ISAPI files which it seems to create and dump all over my desktop from time to time, and yes, I did empty recycle bin!!! Oooop's If the restore point does not work what do we do from here?

Cheers for now, I will let you know the outcome in the morning.

Speedway tonight =
Swindon Robins v Eastbourne Eagles

  ICF 15:42 28 Apr 2008

Always a good policy to leave files in recycle bin for a few days before deleting.

  ICF 15:45 28 Apr 2008

Did you uninstall like this

click here

  skthecat 16:12 28 Apr 2008

I will try both routes tonight, only discovered problem when I went to scan the Speedway Star GP race programme Saturday Night!!!!!!!

Thanks all, will let you know how I fsir in the morning.


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