Accidental damage query

  Wi-Fi 20:26 25 Mar 2005

I had given a play station to guy to repair it. The guy accidentally damaged a part. Who is responsible? The guy claims he broke it accidentally. So he will not pay for the new part. Can anyone advise who is responsible?

  melancol 20:37 25 Mar 2005

If he broke it he pays for it. Simple as that.

  Wi-Fi 20:43 25 Mar 2005

Is this according to the law? I had a argument with him. and he says he is not liable for it.

  Grantrh 20:52 25 Mar 2005

I don't know about the law but for me it depends on whether you were paying him to repair it or if he was just doing it as a free favour.
If the former he has a duty of care to look after it, if the latter I would say its your problem because he had nothing to gain out of it.

  woodchip 20:58 25 Mar 2005

If he Offers to repair He should be covered by Insurance for third party, but you may have problems if it's not a business

  jbp1982 21:12 25 Mar 2005

If the guy is just a "rogue" ie. just someone who fixes things at home out of hobby, then you'll find it difficult to get anything from him. Obviously he should pay if he broke it from anyones of view, but I don't think you can make him legally do anything. If this is the case I'd put it down to experience and let it go.

However if he relies on this type of work for an income then he's more to lose than you. Is "he" a business?

  Wi-Fi 22:18 25 Mar 2005

I asked the guy if he could repair the playstation. He told me that he never opened a playstation before. but he will give it a go. he will only charge me if he could repair it. But then he accidentally broke it.

So I suppose I cant make him liable.

  Starfox 22:28 25 Mar 2005

"He told me that he never opened a playstation before. but he will give it a go.

Would have thought that was a clue to his competance.Best just put it down to experience!

  sattman 22:44 25 Mar 2005

It all depends on whether he is running a business
If he is he should be claiming on his business insurance for the accidental damage and you should receive either a repaired fully working guaranteed unit for which you pay for the repair. Or else be offered the second-hand cash equivalent value of the play station.

If he is not in business then the only option open is a civil claim and clearly it would not be worth even considering this action in this instance

  Wi-Fi 09:55 26 Mar 2005

ok thanks for the help

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