accessing a word document on a server

  The Sheep 10:53 25 Jul 2005

Hello all. I have a word document stored on a server which everone in the office can access through a shortcut on the desktop.

The document has several chapters within it.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create a shortcut to a specific chapter (or page) within the document, rather than just a shortcut to the start of it?

Thanks for reading :)

  Taff36 11:08 25 Jul 2005

I don`t think so but someone may tell us differently. I would use the shortcut and then the GoTo function (Ctrl Key + G Key) type in the page number you want and hit the enter key.

You can also navigate quickly in a Word document using the Ctrl Key with the following keys:

Ctrl + Home Key - Takes you to the start of the document.

Ctrl + End Key - Takes you to the end.

Ctrl + Page Down Key - Take you to the top of the next page. (Useful if the chapter titles are on the top of the page)

Ctrl + Page Up Key - Takes you to the top of the previous page.

  The Sheep 11:39 25 Jul 2005

thanks for the reply it sorted :)

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