Accessing a website problems

  GaT7 20:49 08 May 2005

Hi folks,

I'm having problems(?) accessing the FreeAds website.

For example, if you look at the Car section click here, it says 'Sort 6156 freeads found by...' However, there is no 'next page' to click on (top or bottom) - I can only view the first 20 or so ads on the 1st page. How does one view the other 6136 ads?

Again, if I click on the links to the left - e.g., citroen click here, I can only view the first 20 ads (of 236) - basically the same problem as above.

What am I doing wrong, or, is this a peculiarity of the site? If it's the latter (I realise a copy of FreeAds costs just £1-2), why take the trouble of providing a website that is 'stunted' in this way? Thanks, G

  stalion 20:54 08 May 2005

just checked the citroen site and there is a box at the bottom for next 20 or next page

  GaT7 21:17 08 May 2005

Thanks stalion.

I still cannot see it - tried IE & Firefox.

This is what I see at the bottom of the citroen page (from top to bottom):

[A light blue box with] << previous page [which is inactive as I haven't clicked a next page to begin with. Tried clicking along the entire length of the box - there's nothing else there!]

Search all of freeads classifieds for: [fill-in field] Search Freeads [button]

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Popular searches [& so on]

Very strange! G

  stalion 21:19 08 May 2005

this is the page I get on your citroen link
click here

  octal 21:31 08 May 2005

This is what I get at the bottom:

click here

I take it yours is missing? Does the rest of the site look OK?

  GaT7 21:53 08 May 2005

stalion, yes, that's the page, but still no joy. I've never experienced this problem on any other site before. I'll be back to post a link to the screenshot of what I see (or cannot see!) if I can. G

  GaT7 21:56 08 May 2005

Oops, missed octal's post. Thanks for that.

I cannot see the numbers 1 2 3... or next page >>

Will post my screenshot link soon. G

  GaT7 22:11 08 May 2005

Right here it is click here (the bottom portion only).

octal, the rest of the site is fine. Do you reckon my screen resolution - 800 by 600 - may be responsible? I can barely believe my own eyes! You'd think I'm making this up - I can assure you I am NOT! Will change screen res & get back. G

  GaT7 22:16 08 May 2005

Looks better here (in Firefox anyway) click here

  GaT7 22:32 08 May 2005

Tried changing/increasing screen res with no luck. G

  octal 22:36 08 May 2005

I don't understand it. I had a look at the source code and can't see anything unusual at all, this is the code for page three for example if it comes out OK on this site:

<a href="/browse.php?page=2&catid=469&ad_orderby=hoursold&ad_orderdirection=asc&">3</a>

Can you access page three by clicking on this link?
click here&
If you can at least we'll know that bits working.

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