Accessing US International keyboard, XP/Word 2000

  MichaelPaul 10:55 30 Sep 2004

The query I posted yesterday didn't get a response which worked: I accessed 'US English' and 'UK English', but these appear to affect only dictionaries: what I want is the US International keyboard, which enables me to type (eg) French with much less hassle then using short-cut keys or Symbol. I've used it for many years: why can't I find it now? (I have had a complete reinstallation since last I used it: could that be relevant?)

  howard60 11:27 30 Sep 2004

as I did not see your link from yesterday I do not know what has been suggested. First I would look in word to set the language using tools - language - set language. I would also look in control panel under Regional and international settings. There are 3 places on that screen to set language.

  MichaelPaul 12:45 30 Sep 2004

Thanks for this. What I was advised to do - and did - yesterday was to go to 'Text Services and Input Languages - Details'. This gave me - indeed it was already there - 'UK English/Keyboard' and 'US English/Keyboard'; but whichever option I chose ggave me only the relevant dictionary ('colour' or 'color', for instance), but not the US International keyboard for accents. (I used to be presented with a whole list of keyboard layouts - these are what I can't find.) Sorry to be dim...

  VoG II 12:53 30 Sep 2004

Does click here help?

  MichaelPaul 16:33 30 Sep 2004

Thanks, but not really: the only accents I can get from AltGr are acute ones: what about the rest? I still need a way of installing the US-International keyboard, if anyone knows where it's got to...

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