Accessing RAW format...

  martjc 18:09 15 Dec 2005

A friend has a floppy disk containing vital info. However, WinXP cannot read it - it keeps suggesting formatting the disk! Chkdsk reports the type of file system is RAW. It cannot access it to repair it.

Does anyone know of a utility that will help here?

Thanks in anticipation!

  compumac 18:42 15 Dec 2005

A RAW file is a digital image fom a camera using RAW and as such would be larger than a floppy could hold. What is the vital info?

  mgmcc 19:27 15 Dec 2005

A "drive" is shown as RAW if it is unpartitioned and (obviously therefore) unformatted. If the info is vital, I would suggest first of all *not* trying any repair utilities, but to try and read it in another PC, preferably running Windows 98. Then see if the data can be transferred to different media, CD or USB flash drive, otherwise use another floppy but one that has actually been formatted in the Windows XP PC.

  martjc 23:14 15 Dec 2005

...I know the RAW format is used by cameras, but this disk only contains text files - written in Word. It would be foolish to think that it is REALLY in RAW format; obviously, this is erroneous reading by WinXP.

I feel I must use a sector editor to see if I can pull the data off it. Any comments on this?

  interzone55 08:47 16 Dec 2005

I've completely stopped using floppies for small files.
In my last job I had to transfer data from a standalone PC used for despatch lables onto our company network. The only way to do this was using floppy disks. It was very rare that I was able to use a disk more than once, and sometimes I couldn't even read the disk after it had been written. These were not crappy disks that had been knocking around for years. They were always fresh Verbatim disks out of the shrink wrap. I simply wrote the disk in 1 PC, walked from there to my desk about 50 yards across the building and put it in my PC, I'd say that about 10% of disks failed to read, and about 50% of disks could not be re-used.

Try this software, available for trial download click here

  martjc 09:43 16 Dec 2005

...thanks for that. Job done - case closed. I will keep BadCopy on my tooldisk from now on; no, it's not a floppy, it's a CD ROM! Thanks again to all who bothered replying.

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