Accessing personal e-mails from abroad

  JohnHS 15:19 25 Aug 2005

My ISP is Tiscali. When abroad, for example in France, are there local telephone numbers which can be dialled to access one's ISP rather than making an international call to the UK? If so, how would I find details of the local numbers?

  Jackcoms 15:23 25 Aug 2005

If you're only interested in accessing your e-mails why not use an internet cafe.

Connect to Tiscali's website and (assuming you know your log-in and password) access your e-mails through their site.

  octal 15:24 25 Aug 2005

The easiest way is to use the webmail to access your emails and use an internet cafe.

click here

  octal 15:24 25 Aug 2005


  Technotiger 15:25 25 Aug 2005

Hi, I have never been to France, but I would assume that they have Internet cafes similar to those we have in UK, if so, you should not have a problem.

No doubt someone will come on, who has been to France, and who can tell you for sure.


  Technotiger 15:26 25 Aug 2005

I'll have to learn to type faster!! :-))

  Jackcoms 15:26 25 Aug 2005

Triple snap! lol

  octal 17:14 25 Aug 2005


  Hamish 17:20 25 Aug 2005

Try typing internet cafes in france into Google

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