Accessing pc printer from laptop

  VNAM75 20:17 25 Jul 2009

Is it possible to access my printer wirelessly from my laptop? My printer - hp930c, its quite old - is connected via usb to my pc. My laptop and pc are networked. So if both machines are switched on and my laptop can access all files from my pc, can I send say a word doc to be printed?

  chub_tor 20:32 25 Jul 2009

Yes you can send a document to be printed provided that you have enabled File and Printer sharing on your network.

  rdave13 20:38 25 Jul 2009

You will also need to install the basic printer driver on your laptop. click here

  woodchip 21:15 25 Jul 2009

You can do it by Networking both computers, but PC and printer would need to be switched on to use it from Laptop

  woodchip 21:17 25 Jul 2009

choose print then choose the printer from network printers in the drop down box

  VNAM75 21:33 25 Jul 2009

Thanks for the help. Both machines are on the same workgroup (WORKGROUP). I installed the printer driver on the laptop, enabled printer sharing on both machines. I added "new printer" in the laptop control panel and chose the (network) printer attached to the pc. It seems to have all setup OK. But when I print from the laptop, nothing happens. Well, there's a quick window that says printing page 1 of 3 but thats it. No error messages, no reaction from the printer which is switched on. Laptop is vista basic and pc is xp pro.

The only thing I can think of is that the printer is not compatible with vista (hp website) if using the XP driver which is what I used to install on to the pc and laptop. The vista driver only has basic functionality. So for my printer to work on both, I need them both to have the same operating system. Am I right right? Its not much of a problem as I don't need to print from the laptop.

  rdave13 22:22 25 Jul 2009

1.) Verify that File and print sharing is turned on and properly configured on the XP machine.

2.) Open the the shared location of the printer (Shared Printers folder) on Win XP from your Vista machine

3.) On the Vista machine launch the "Add a Printer" wizard

4.) Choose "Add a local printer"

5.) Select "Create a new port" radio button and choose "Local Port" from the drop down menu

6.) Press Next

7.) In the "Enter Port Name:" box enter the shared folder path from 'Step 2'.
(e.g. \\WinXP\PrinterSharedFolder)

8.) Select the Printer driver from the list provided or use the "Have Disk" button to install the correct Vista driver if it is not in the built-in list. It is critical that the driver you use is Vista compatible.

9.) Press next

10.) Give the printer a distinct name and choose whether to set as the default.

11.) Press Next

12.) Print a test page to verify functionality.

13.) Press Finish

Possibly step 5 should be 'virtual usb port' and not 'local port'.

  VNAM75 22:41 25 Jul 2009

Thanks rdave, I'll try it tomorrow and post back.

  woodchip 13:46 26 Jul 2009

You said Printer Switched on , but is the computer its attached to switched on?

  VNAM75 23:26 26 Jul 2009

woodchip, yes both machines and the printer were switched on.

rdave, on the vista machine it says I don't have permission to add a printer - how can I add the permission?

  gazzaho 00:10 27 Jul 2009

You may have to set up a filesharing rule in your firewall settings. I had to set a filesharing rule with F-Secure Internet Security 2009, which I use on both my desktop and notebook before I could print from my notebook. I emailed F-Secure tech support and they sent instructions on how to do it.

I'm not sure if this applies in your case but thought it worth mentioning.

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