Accessing old email after change to broadband?

  roclive1 12:00 28 Jun 2008

I'm going broadband+line rental change soon, but afterwards, will I still be able to access email sent to my old address via that ISP's web-based mail box?

Any advice much appreciated


  Chris the Ancient 12:13 28 Jun 2008

Depends on your ISP's philosophy.

Some will keep your old email addy available for 2-3 weeks. Some close it virtually immediately.

  Chris the Ancient 12:13 28 Jun 2008

Depends on your old ISP.

Some hold your old addy for up to two weeks; some 'kill' it immediately.

Send your new addy to everyone in your list asap!

  Chris the Ancient 12:14 28 Jun 2008

Sorry about dual post. Slight system problem.

  palinka 20:02 28 Jun 2008

My experience of making such a change & the experience of friends and relations is that the old ISP will continue to accept incoming mails (and you can read them & reply by webmail at that ISP) for as long as your subscription there lasts. eg if you start your new BB account next Wed, 3rd July but you've already paid the previous ISP until the end of July then you've got nearly a month when you can still access emails at the old address. But if the previous was a pay-as-you-go it may last indefinitely. As already advised, tell everyone your new address asap and ask them to delete the old one from their address book.

  woodchip 20:12 28 Jun 2008

As above it all depends on the ISP. You will lose it at some time. But When is the Question?

  User-1229748 20:27 28 Jun 2008

I changed from aol in march and my email addy is still alive now so as others have said it probably depends on who you've got your account with :-)

  cocteau48 20:40 28 Jun 2008

As palinka says if it's an old pay as you go account then it may last indefinitely but you may have to use it to keep it alive ... if you want it kept alive.
My old freeserve/wanadoo/orange account is still alive after nearly three years but it has to be used once every 90 days to stop it from being deactivated.

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