Accessing old AOL emails etc

  jonmac 06:42 10 May 2013

A friends venerable laptop has expired and she intends to replace it and go broadband with BT. She's with AOL which I'm unfamiliar with. Are all her stored emails, addresses etc on her hard drive and therefore now lost or can they be accessed in some way on the net? With BT can new emails sent to her former AOL address be picked up in some way?

  rdave13 09:17 10 May 2013

Her mail should be accesible by signing in here, link, on any PC. (web mail), can also be synced with Windows Live Mail (client) so that you can download the emails on to the PC.

  jonmac 09:40 10 May 2013

Thanks rdave, I'll get her to come here and try that out.

  rdave13 09:50 10 May 2013

Adding AOL account is straightforward in WLM. Some info for exporting the mail folders here,

  Jollyjohn 12:00 10 May 2013

When your friend leaves AOL, ask AOL to change the e-mail account to PAYG (Pay As You Go - a throwback to dial up days, but you don't pay anymore) This will keep the e-mail address live as long as it is regularly checked.

I would use the new BT e-mail address on a day to day basis and keep the old AOL address as a spam filter.

  rdave13 00:04 11 May 2013

Not sure what you mean Jollyjohn as AOL mail has been free, such as Gmail and now Outlook (Hot mail etc.) for quite a while.

  rdave13 00:14 11 May 2013

Have changed ISPs a few times and learnt not to be tied down to their email accounts. Easier to use AOL, Gmail, Yahoo as web mail and use a client to store the most important on your own hard drive. Tying yourself to BT emails and you'll be back to square one again if you think of migrating to another ISP.

  jonmac 10:04 11 May 2013

Latest development is that unfortunately her user name (screen name or email) and password combination keeps failing so we're at a halt meantime. Not sure where to go from here as the "forgot password" option will just result in an email which we can't access.

  rdave13 10:35 11 May 2013

You will need to be able to log in to the primary account to do anything. Check the screen name and password again and upper and lower case is important.

  Jollyjohn 16:11 11 May 2013

PAYG - Pay as you go - it is a throwback to dial up days when you could pay per minute to dial in to your account. The term is now used to describe e-mail accounts that are no longer linked to a broadband supply account.

In this case the AOL address will be downgraded to a PAYG address - this may result in the loss of some advanced features of the account but it is FREE to use. If the downgrade is not requested the AOL e-mail address may cease to exist once the broadband supply is changed to BT.

For future reference should this person decide to move from BT then the BT e-mail address could similarly be downgraded to PAYG. As BT and Yahoo are now the same provider this account would always be accessible via a yahoo sign in and used as a webmail option.

  jonmac 06:08 12 May 2013

Thanks for the additional contributions. The lady in question is a pretty organised person and had all her old paperwork including screen name and password but still it didn't work. She did phone AOL yesterday but they could only advise her to do what we're trying to do. Interestingly they couldn't find her telephone number in their records. She pays a monthly fee for her PAYG connection.

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