Accessing Nationwide B.S. site

  User-88430E13-F4CA-4A3B-8ED47A6DB3C812E5 13:57 14 Dec 2006

I have just got on to AOL broadband. When I first used it I could acces my internet banks. Internet Explorer 7 then installed itself and I can no longer access the Nationwide log-in page - unless I disable the firewall!
Any ideas please.
aol said that their site didn't work with IE7 and I should reinstall IE6. When I took off IE7 it just re-installed itself.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:14 14 Dec 2006

click here

How to remove IE7 and prevent it from coming back.

  driving man 14:33 14 Dec 2006

Have found that a lot of banking sites need cookies enabled.
Just remember to reset them after you have been in touch with your banking account.
Am on IE7 and aol and have no trouble with Nationwide


Thank you both. I shall see what I can do. Being fairly new to this I am a bit wary.

  sunny staines 17:12 14 Dec 2006

ie7 & nationwide work ok for me problem must be aol, they should be able to run ie7 i would have thought. have you rang them?

I 'talked' on the help desk. That's where they said they didn't support IE7. Thanks for the response.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:47 14 Dec 2006

Likely the support staff don't know IE7 but the site itself will accept it fine.

OK thanks. I have tried deleting cookies but that made no difference. I will try swapping to IE6 and see what that does.

I found that click here was marked always blocked in IE. I've changed it to always allowed but no difference.
Would Nod32 have anything to do with it?

I still can't get in!

I have found that if I use dial up (36kbs) I can access Nationwide. Does this mean that aol has done something nasty and, if so, how can I undo it. Should I restore to before I installed aol?

  skidzy 22:21 17 Dec 2006

No idea about AOL but have you tried another browser like Firefox ?

click here

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