Accessing my e-mail when in Tenerife

  Rodz 21:28 13 Aug 2006

We live in Tenerife in the winter and have trouble accessing our mail quickly when we are there.
We have two holiday apartments we rent out and the website on which we advertise sends a text to our mobile phone when we get an enquiry (via our Yahoo mail account).
In Tenerife we have to walk a mile to the internet cafe to sort it out and if e-mail is going backwards and forwards you can see what a nightmare that can be.
I have a new IBM Thinkpad to take to Tenerife but the problem is our phone line in our apartment is through a reception switchboard,which makes calls very expensive.
What method could I use to receive/reply to internet mail enquiries straight away on my laptop when I dont have a phone connection?
In non too technical terms please!

  FelixTCat 22:10 13 Aug 2006


You can use your mobile phone to make your dial-p connection. Whether it is cheaper than going through the switchboard . . .



  Forum Editor 22:21 13 Aug 2006

on the (rare) occasions I'm abroad with no access to an internet connection. It's marginally cheaper than paying to connect via a switchboard, but only marginally.

Can't you do a deal with the receptionist?

  sean-278262 00:24 14 Aug 2006

Get a phone sim card and get a sim free phone that allows you to use it as a modem with the laptop. That would be my suggestion. All you pay is the mobile rates the locals pay. Quick and easy. Alternatively get a wireless card vodaphone do one but as I have never been to tenerife I dont know if vodaphone are over there.

  dms05 07:32 14 Aug 2006

You need a SIM free phone or a mobile on the Movistar network with a Movistar SIM. Pay As You Go is OK. You connect this to your laptop (probably IR or cable) and dial 629000550 (or short code 550) and this connects you to the Movistar data network. You then log on to a suitable ISP (I use GoNuts4Free in Spain - do a Google search), it's [email protected] with password 123456 for all users. You are now on the Internet.

Next open an email account with gonuts4free and have your existing emails forwarded to that account. You can now use your pop email client to view your emails.

Cost is Euro 0.12 connection and Euro 0.12/min. So the first minute is about 15p then about 7p/min after that. It's also cheaper after 10pm. I can log on, send/receive and log off in well under 2 minutes.

Of course if you use webmail rather than pop/smtp you will run up big bills. That's why I doall my email preparation off line.

If you have a Movistar monthly contract mobile you can use GPRS and if you have an email capable handset you can do it all from your mobile phone. I use my mobile phone to check my emails whilst travelling, I can see the email headers and download only those I want. Costs about 5p per kb of message. I find logging on to my laptop cheaper if I have it with me.

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