Accessing my account on AOL!!!

  Deniset 07:14 08 Jul 2009

I have a no contract account with AOL. Since using their service I have never been able to access my account to see what I am being charged. I have been trying for over 3 months to get this resolved. I have downloaded 9.0VR, but I have XP Home on my computer. I have downloaded Adobe Flashplayer, deleted and redownloaded (as per instructions from techies at AOL) but still no joy.
Any ideas as to what I can do next?

  Sea Urchin 11:09 08 Jul 2009

Just how are you trying to log in? And what happens - do you get an error message? Try logging in from here

click here

  Sea Urchin 11:11 08 Jul 2009

And some info/FAQs about AOL 9.0VR

click here

  Deniset 11:41 08 Jul 2009

I can log into AOL, but when I click on manage my account, it says I am not "provisioned for self care". The techies say I need Adobe Flash Player (which I have), but still no joy. I have installed, deleted and reinstalled!!

I dont know what AOL 9.0VR is I was told to download it so I could sign in generally. Would it be for Vista (I have Windows XP Home)

  Sea Urchin 13:25 08 Jul 2009

Yes, AOL 9.0VR is supposed to work with XP and Vista. That download also includes Adobe Flash Player 9.0

I don't know anything about 9.0VR either - but it looks like you need a "screen name" to sign in to it. Looking at other people who've had this problem it does seem to be that AOL is causing the problem at their end.

Presumably you are trying to sign in via 9.0VR - have you tried just signing in normally via the AOL website.

  Deniset 15:03 08 Jul 2009

I have tried signing in normally via AOL and can get my emails. I can also get my emails via AOL.9.0VR too. It is signing into check my account that is the problem. The techie at AOL have advised me to download AOLdesktop - when I tried to do that it came up with incomplete or corrupt file. This just goes round and round.
I have been paying them since April and have not been able to see what I am paying for!!! (I am supposed to have free phone calls with them)

  feb 10:58 09 Jul 2009

HI Deniset,
when you are signed in to AOL.9.0VR can you open the Keyword window Ctrl + K ?
It's only a small window in the centre of the screen so you might have to minimise any other open pages first.
If you can open the Keyword window, type "billing" then press "Enter" you should then be on the required page.

  Deniset 07:13 11 Jul 2009

Hello Feb
Thanks for this. Have signed on, gone to keywords and typed in billing. Sadly it still comes up with I am not provisioned for selfcare.
Aol technies say everything is ok and its Flashplayer that is the problem, so just back in the loop again

  feb 08:32 11 Jul 2009

How are you contacting AOL. internet or phone?

  Sea Urchin 18:28 11 Jul 2009

Maybe try downloading Flash Player from this site - it sometimes works better than the official Adobe site. Make sure you use the correct version for your browser - IE or non-IE.

click here

  Deniset 07:15 12 Jul 2009

I have contacted them by phone, but found this too expensive and nothing resolved, so have gone onto emailing them

Sea Urchin I will try to download Flash player from this site.
I use fastmail to email, so I am assuming I am a non IE user?

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