webber_man 15:49 27 Oct 2004

Apparently you can't - click here

But does anyone know of a way you can from the UK? As crazy as it sounds (and i can't work it out either!) i have some friends here from the states that want to!

Any ideas? An easy, idiot proof way would be appreciated!

  Jackcoms 15:50 27 Oct 2004

George Bush??

Idiot proof??

A contradiction in terms, I think

  webber_man 16:01 27 Oct 2004

My point entirely!

  PSF 16:10 27 Oct 2004

Not sure how you would get onto it, if the site is still there. click here

  canard 16:56 27 Oct 2004

Apparently it's barred to non US surfers. Only for the elect[orate]!

  webber_man 20:39 27 Oct 2004

...erm... i believe thats what it said in the link from the bbc i posted. My question ws does anyone know of an easy way to access from the UK?

  canard 22:26 27 Oct 2004

click here not even thew americans could reach it!

  Colinp 22:39 27 Oct 2004
  webber_man 00:27 28 Oct 2004

....that's the baby!

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