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  griffo 06:15 12 Mar 2003

We were using an HP Colorado T1000 tape drive to backup data each day. Lately it has asked for a second tape to be inserted to finish the backup. A couple of weeks ago it said that tape 2 was broken and we didn't have a spare tape onsite. An inexperienced operator closed the Colorado Backup software - but I don't know quite how this was done. Anyway, next day the PC did the scheduled backup but said it had completed it OK without asking for a second tape (still hadn't got a spare!!)

Next day, before we could do a new, complete backup using 2 tapes, the FAT table on the HDD somehow became corrupted and the computer wouldn't boot.

Engineers came and installed a new HDD, transferred a lot of our data from old HDD before removing it. As they subsequently managed to make the HDD nreadable, we recovered little further data.

Having repaired the old tape 2, the data can be seen but as the profile of the backup on tape 1 has changed (see para 1), we can't access the data on tape 2.

Can anyone please help, we are desperate to get this data back. One thought - as the Colorado software has been reinstalled to the new HDD, is there any way we can get the system to write a new backup to tape 1, whereby it will need to spill onto tape 2, recognise the Folder names on there, acknowledge the data and that it hasn't changed, so not overwrite it but make it accessible? (clasping at straws or what!!)

Sorry it's long, help will be greatly appreciated.

  recap 08:59 12 Mar 2003

What is the O/S?

What size back up tapes do you use?

Do you use compression when backing up?

Just using one tape to back up is not enough. You should have one tape per day, maybe another for a full back up at the end of the week and lastly one for the end of the month.

Another suggestion when you have changed anything on your computer i.e. added programs, create a new recovery disc.

Was the back up program running when the operator closed the program?

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