Accessing AOL using my desktop and laptop

  Colin-239705 15:59 14 Apr 2003

I have my desktop set up to access AOL via my home telephone cable/socket. I have my laptop set up to access AOL via my mobile phone infrared port. Can I set up my laptop to access AOL when at home via my telephone cable/socket as well as via my mobile phone when away from home?

  John-259217 16:18 14 Apr 2003

Yes, on the AOL sign-on screen choose setup then new location, enter the details of your onboard modem and the access number you want to use then choose between the locations on the sign-on screen as needed.(Don`t delete your existing location)

  Colin-239705 20:28 16 Apr 2003

I have tried to entering my modem details and the com port number (that specified in the control panel), I have clicked on it to make it the default modem, but it still doesn't pick up the modem and to add to the problem my laptop goes into shutdown mode and reboots itself. Anymore suggestions?

  John-259217 01:23 18 Apr 2003

Hmmm, have you used the onboard modem for any form of dial-up before? If not then I would check the Modem is working correctly from control panel/modem properties/diagnostics/query modem. If this is OK I would create a dial-up connection to a phone number you can hear (your mobile for example), plug in the phone line and see if it will dial out. I have found that some modem leads and socket adapters do not always work properly when plugged in, possibly due to other connected equipment such as fax machines or answering machines. If this is all OK then I would try setting the modem up in AOL as a "standard modem type" using the expert setup option. I have had AOL working with IrDa, Bluetooth and cable options to mobile phones, onboard modem and Broadband connection over a LAN, all of which I could switch between on the AOL sign-on screen so it can definitely be done.
As far as the machine shutting down then rebooting itself, I have had this happen when using a Bluetooth modem set up thru a USB adapter. I never did find out why and a Belkin PCMCIA adapter does not have the same problem so I would guess at a possible driver conflict between your onboard modem drivers and the ones installed for your phone unless anybody else has any better ideas? Hope this helps and sorry for the late reply :-)

  Colin-239705 14:04 18 Apr 2003

I will try your suggestions and see if this resolves the problem. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  Cesar 10:32 21 Apr 2003

Go to AOL Keyword "Live Help" and you will get online help with your problem

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