Access97 and memory

  Bazilbrush 22:22 24 May 2004

I am running a 3 year old Athlon XP1600 1.45 GHz with 512 RAM.
It initially had 256, but I bought 512 thinking it would be faster still with 768 MB.
It is for everything except running MS Access.
With the old 256 chip in as well it tells me I have insifficient memory. Take it out and it runs great on 512. Is this a case of an old program of Uncle Bills that he wants me to upgrade to 2003 version or something not so underhand that I am missing?
Please help this old timer with my old thriftyness I find hard to lose, especially as I am now a pensioner

  VoG II 22:39 24 May 2004

Can you post the *exact* error message plese.

Microsoft are very clever but not THAT clever. LOL.

  hugh-265156 22:43 24 May 2004

what version of windows?

windows 98 may have problems with any more than 512mb of ram.

with xp you can install up to 4gigs of ram i believe but anything over 512mb the speed increase in general use would be not that noticeable as it would be going from 256 to 512mb for everyday tasks.

some new games now may take advantage of lots of ram as will image and video editing software.unless you use these 512 is a nice number.

  Bazilbrush 23:20 24 May 2004

First error message just says : "Out of memory" then another stating: "A system error occured or there isn't enough memory to start microsoft access. Close unneeded programs and try again"
and sorry, but I am running Win XP

  hugh-265156 23:26 24 May 2004
  keith-236785 23:35 24 May 2004

i have had this problem in the past and it was cured by uninstalling office97, put your office97cd into the cdrom drive, cancell the autorun.

search on the office cd for a file called


double click to run the office clean up program. then restart your pc, install office97 again and hopefully you should find it works ok.

if you still have problems using both sticks of memory then i would think it is a conflict in the memory (the two ticks may be different speeds and are conflicting).

if everything works ok with 512mb , sell the 256 mb stick and just use the 512.

good luck

  Bazilbrush 23:36 24 May 2004

Tried the dll register and it still gives same result. Looks like I will have to try full uninstall if no-one can do better. Thanks for help so far

  Bazilbrush 14:31 25 May 2004

Tried the DLL Register Paperman. No Joy. Tried complete uninstall like Huggyg's link said and the error message is still the same. Looks as though I am going to have to uninstall the 256 chip and stick at 512. Thanks all:

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