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  The LED Lighting Company 11:07 04 Mar 2005

I hope someone can help.

We have a website built for our UK and European clients, but we have been having reports from contacts in China and Switzerland stating that they cannot view the site.

I know that contacts in Japan, Taiwan, UK, Irelamd, Germany, France and Saudi can access and view the site, i just dont understand why it cannot be seen in China.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

URL = click here

Thanks in advance


  The LED Lighting Company 19:18 04 Mar 2005

I have tested website with Netscape, IE, Mozilla and Firefox on my own PC during building.

It has also been tested by clients in UK, Europe, Middle east, I have tested it myself on many PCs in UK using different browsers and so far have not experienced any problems myself.

I know that there is a large .swf file (3mB) but I have seen this load on dial-up connections while the other iamges load as well.

I dont understand why this is happening, but thanks for testing, did you receive any error messages during loading? or could you send a screen shot.

Thanks again for your help

  Forum Editor 20:04 04 Mar 2005

but that .swf file is far too big. Frankly I feel it adds little to your site, in fact I found it rather distracting, and I wonder about the necessity for it - your products speak for themselves, surely?

  The LED Lighting Company 20:31 04 Mar 2005

Point taken on both accounts.

The .swf has been replaced with one that is only 51K, much smaller and also shows off more products.

We hope our products speak for themselves, but hopefully it doesn't hurt to give them an extra push.

Thanks again, hopefully that helps.

  Talented Monkey 21:23 04 Mar 2005

I am certain that a lot of your sites problems are caused by over abuse of Flash and Javascript. For starters what does having the links in flash achieve? You can obtain a near identical effect just by using CSS, I say near identical as people have to have the correct font etc. but so what. Yes the large swf image is main culprit but I feel you are going to loose out on sales because of the inappropriate use of flash.

This website is a shop. People are not going to pay too much ,if any to what font you have or what colours you use. All visitors to your site care about are getting to see the products quick and easy then hopefully paying for them in a simple and quick way.

All the animated flash just gets in way , I keep on looking away from the page , you even have the window title bar animated. Yuk. You and others may think having a clever artistic animation is cool, but others will not, it will just draw peoples attention away from the product. for other sites its perfect but for a shop it isn’t.

You need to have images on your page of products instead not coloured lines. People like to see things on the index page that they came to find out about. Why no put together a simple JPG montage of a few products, or have a couple of examples within the main body text, that will also be a hyperlink to that product.

Erm.. there are other things I could bring up about business sites and accessability, but I guess that will take too long so just end with the following little senario.

“I cant wait to see what the led lighting company have for sale, after all Fred told me how good their products are, hopefully they will have everything I need to refit all 100 of my villas and pools in my rental portfolio. Hang on what’s up with the site,, there’s no navigation, shouldn’t there be navigation, and what’s this none of the other links work, lets reload.. what its not even loading now.. hmmm… ill try again later. While I wait ill check out for other companies.”

Ok guess who is going to get the huge order? Certainly not you! Brutal, but true. get rid of the flash navigation and replace it with normal HTML, that way you can be certain that 100% ofall your potential customers. will be able to use it.

  PurplePenny 17:16 05 Mar 2005

No go for me either :-(

  slowhand_1000 17:45 06 Mar 2005

It took about 50+ seconds to load this page click here and thats on 750kb cable.

Also why have another window open when clicking the product page. Fair enough if it's a link to another site or something that's too large to fit on your template page. But all the pages I ckicked followed a theme so why not use the same window.

Have to agree about the window title bar, sorry but it's a no-no.

  genuinefake 20:15 06 Mar 2005

the site loaded fine for me and im on dial up...

  The LED Lighting Company 23:35 06 Mar 2005

I fully understand and appreciate all of your comments, I am not worried about any frankness of any of the comments, at the end of the day you guys n girls know your stuff.
I respect the opinions of most of the PC Advisor family, that’s why I posted here. Thanks again.

I have decided to remove the scrolling text in the title and status bars, removed the poor pop-up on the front page.
The links to products that opened in _blank have been changed to _self.
The larger flash file has been changed to the much smaller product scroller, at the moment this will stay.
I am investigating into a DHTML menu replacement for the existing flash menu.

Hopefully these measures will help to make sure customers stay longer and do not get distracted, bored or annoyed with the flash or JavaScript.

I will arrange for further tests for our main problem of no Chinese access.


  Forum Editor 01:25 07 Mar 2005

that scrolling applet leaves me cold. Worse, it actually irritates me, and should be removed without delay.

As for the Chinese access problem, it wouldn't be anything to do with the great firewall of China would it? I bet there are plenty of Chinese companies who compete with you there. That wouldn't explain the swiss problem though.

  The LED Lighting Company 19:38 07 Mar 2005

Despite the changes to the code, China contacts are still unable to access the site and i am still puzzeled as to why!!!

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