Access violation in Vista

  bjk 08:41 19 Jul 2008

Never happened before in my Vista. I downloaded and installed MailWasher Free (Vista compatible) from When starting the program two error messages show up: "Acces violation at address ....... in module MailWasher.exe. Write of address 0000044C" and "This code was written for a version of the VCL in which ScaleBy() does not alter the constraints. (C:\Work\Delphi\Projects\MailWasher\app\src\MailWasherCommercial. pas, line 1541)"
Anybody understanding these messages? Is this a Vista problem or a MailWasher problem? I have un-installed the program and deleted the programs registry entries. I appreciate comments.

  FatboySlim71 09:12 19 Jul 2008

I don't think its a Vista problem because I have Vista and Mailwasher and I have never experienced this problem.

  keverne 09:48 19 Jul 2008

I'm puzzled by this:

My copy on Vista installed itself in
C:\Program Files\FireTrust\MailWasher Pro

Did you change the default location at the time of installing?

  bjk 13:31 19 Jul 2008

Hi daconnor,
Thanks for response. I did not change the installation, it installed itself exactly as you say. Still this strange behaviour. I know MailWasher Pro very well, I have it running for years on one of my desktops running XP Pro SP2, never, never had problems. This time I would like to run this free version on my new HP laptop with Vista Business, but the program will not work properly. I don't understand the meaning of this strange path, C:\Work\Delphi\etc, what is this? I don't have any folder with these names.

  keverne 14:00 19 Jul 2008

Have you set MailWasher to bounce unwanted mail?

If you have turn it off and see what happens.

  bjk 14:52 19 Jul 2008

These error messages showed up at the first startup of the program, i.e. I had not reached to configure MailWasher to bounce.

  keverne 15:02 19 Jul 2008

OK, but now I'm struggling to suggest anything.

I'd ask here
click here

  bjk 19:28 19 Jul 2008

I will try, thanks for your attention.

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