Access violation errors

  herc182 14:03 31 Oct 2004

What are they?! i keep getting one and the numbers change. the last one i got was:
"Access vilation error at 0x03AD0E8B (tried to read from 0XFCF01F2A), program terminated."
how do you fix these errors?

i downloaded PC bug doctor from click here from this post click here.

it found 438 errors!!! is it ok to just press fix them?


  stalion 14:12 31 Oct 2004

I have been useing pc bug doctor for nine months and have always deleted it's findings without a problem.However seeing as you have so many errors I would do a registry backup before deleting

  herc182 14:18 31 Oct 2004

by backing up the registry you mean exporting it to a destination folder of your choice....ironically i got another access violation error just as i clicked on this link....

  stalion 14:28 31 Oct 2004

I would download and run this first you may have nasties in your system also run adaware if you have it
click here

  herc182 14:32 31 Oct 2004

thanks stalion I already run that often. anyone else have an opinion on the use of pc bug doctor and access violation errors (and how they are fixed?)

  stalion 14:48 31 Oct 2004

pc bug doctor does it's own backup as you are probably aware so deleting your findings should be ok.But wait for another opinion if you want

  herc182 14:51 31 Oct 2004

so before it does anything, it will backup my system? if it hits the fan i can always roll back? this is the first time i am using it.


  stalion 14:57 31 Oct 2004

It sets todays date against the backup so if you have any problems it will restore all 438 errors back in to your registry when you select restore on the front of pc bug doctor.Many of the errors you have will be defunct short cuts.

  herc182 15:57 31 Oct 2004

ok thanks stalion. have fixed the errors and all seems to be ok so far (although i havent restarted yet....)

  stalion 16:01 31 Oct 2004

ok post back if you still have problems

  herc182 17:10 31 Oct 2004


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