access problem

  widdy 08:03 26 Sep 2005

I have a database with just one table consisting of names addresses, phone nos etc, about 20 fields. All queries work from a switchboard. if i look for a person by name my criteria is

Like [enter surname] & "*"

which allows me to look using just the first few letters. this works fine a few times then suddenly will start to go in a loop and ask me to enter surname again up to 3 times. If i rewrite the criteria and save it, all is well to start and then it loops again.
Any thoughts

  widdy 08:08 26 Sep 2005

Crunchy, Are you out there.
Its rumoured that you are the access guru, any thoughts on this please

  Crunchy 08:57 26 Sep 2005

Hi Widdy - bit early for me. Try Like([enter surname] & "*") to keep everything together.

  widdy 10:37 26 Sep 2005

thanks for coming back so quick
will try it a few times and see what happens.
things seem to change in a way thats unexplainable.
eg after running a query, if i try to sort resulting table by using a/z or z/a buttons it asks again for the name as in criteria . It didnt used to.
hope that makes sense
thanks again

  widdy 08:37 27 Sep 2005

Seems to resolve my problem for doubling up on query and any criteria but dont understand why sort using buttons is running the query again.
After all i get a report ok and just want to see it in a different order. I choose the field and click on a/z or z/a and it asks again for name .

Thanks very much for your help

  Crunchy 08:59 27 Sep 2005

I tried to replicate your problem and found that your symptoms occured when I pressed the buttons for "Filter by Form" or "Filter by Selection". It may be worth checking if one of these is set on. You would see "filter" next to the record count if either is set on. Failing that it may be one of life's little mysteries.

  widdy 21:47 01 Oct 2005

Thanks for all your help.
Back on the right route now

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