access to neighbour's broadband

  mungo_one 11:32 25 Nov 2006

I have just received a new laptop from work that has wireless capability. I brought it home and found I could access a wireless connection for internet access. This is not mine! I thought I'd need a password to do this? Can I find out whose connection I'm using, and doesn't this raise security issues for the owner? Thanks.

  seedie 11:36 25 Nov 2006

Explain to your neighbour what's happening and he may be able to set his router to allow named computers only.


  postie24 11:45 25 Nov 2006

Tell Your neighbour he should encrypt his network connection via his router homepage.You need to do the same for safety reasons.Use wap encryption instaed of wep.Its illegal to connect to anyone elses network.

  Taff™ 11:49 25 Nov 2006

Unless they agree you can do it! If you don`t have a broadband connection you might strike a deal for joint access.

  Picklefactory 12:13 25 Nov 2006

I think mungo_one means that he doesn't know which neighbour's internet he is connected to, and can he find out somehow.

  octal 12:15 25 Nov 2006

That's why I like a piece of wire going from the box to the computer. :-)

  €dstowe 12:31 25 Nov 2006

I can access about six or seven different broadband services of the people in the village.

What I don't understand is why they are so keen to have wireless setups. They all have only one machine and they are connected by wired Ethernet. None realised they had a wireless connection available and that it was accessible to anyone who took the trouble to use it.

I've told them that I can access their system and I've even offered to encrypt their setup for them but none seem to care.

  mungo_one 12:38 25 Nov 2006

I don't know which of my many neighbours has this wireless set up? I guess I would have to ask around. Would they know I'm using their access...would their connection be slow if we're both on-line and could they access my computer. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

  postie24 12:45 25 Nov 2006

Yes they could access yours if you dont use a form of encryption.No they wouldnt no use was using it.What signal strenght are you getting from their network?

  postie24 12:45 25 Nov 2006

Sorry for spellings in that last one

  mungo_one 12:56 25 Nov 2006

Postie, the signal strength is showing as low. Can you advise on how I should encrpyt my PC? Thanks.

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