access denied to shared files

  cooked cow 13:25 29 Mar 2006

hi,my wifi is workng fine but my laptop refuses to access shared files.the files transfer ok but it wont open them. i also have my printer shared and that works ok.i'm running xp pro on the main pc and xp home on the laptop.
thanks cc

  recap 20:03 29 Mar 2006

What is the file system on the Pro machine, is it NTFS? If this is the case and Home has only FAT then this may be the problem.

  cooked cow 23:02 29 Mar 2006

hi recap i dont do i find that out?

  cooked cow 23:11 29 Mar 2006

found it. there both ntfs

  mgmcc 09:00 30 Mar 2006

<<< my laptop refuses to access shared files.the files transfer ok but it wont open them. >>>

I don't follow you. If you can "transfer" files from the remote PC to the local PC over the network, then you *MUST* have been able to "access" them.

To "open" them, the necessary program must be installed in the local machine. For example, a Word file stored on the remote PC and accessed over the network by the local PC can be opened in the local PC *provided* it has the Word program installed. You *CANNOT* run programs in the local PC if they are only installed in the remote PC.

  cooked cow 19:00 31 Mar 2006

hi. no,i can transfer files from the main pc to the laptop, but i get access denied on the laptop
thanks cc

  sikefula 19:10 02 Apr 2006

>>>hi. no,i can transfer files from the main pc to the laptop, but i get access denied on the laptop>>>

...this is exactly what my problem is also about...I have yet to see any thread with this particular query marked as resolved...this is obviously a big challenge for all you networking gurus out there!


also followed your advise(the one about screenshots capture lessons!)with interest and was happy the internet connection worked in the end...hope he/she will post back with her files/folders sharing experience-the accessing bit- when she gets around to it...this will be hugely helpful!


  ade.h 19:55 02 Apr 2006

Is the Computer Broswer service not running or not functioning properly?

1) Run services.msc and look at the properties for the Computer Browser service.

2) Get the assigned IP of the client that you are trying to read from. This will be listed in the router's config page.

Run \\ipaddress, where ipaddress is the IP that you had previously discovered.

If a folder windows loads with the shares of that client, then file sharing is okay and it's the network browsing that is not working.


Also check the properties of the files (may have become read only) and the properties of the shares (specifically click here)

And check the permissions of your firewall.


Sikefula - It's ade.h by the way. Just the one h. :o)

  ade.h 19:58 02 Apr 2006

Also worth mentioning while I think of it that share names must not have spaces in them (see the image that I linked to above).

  cooked cow 21:43 03 Apr 2006

hi,servis status in computer browser is started
the ip address when run stated path not found
properties of the file is read only
and the properties ofthe shares is as the link
thanks cc

  ade.h 21:52 03 Apr 2006

The properties of the transferred files should *not* be read-only, though that should not prevent them from being opened.

The fact that the IP was not found - if you did it correctly - points to a serious problem with File and Printer Sharing.


In the first page of the properties of each client's network adapter, are the entries for "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing" ticked?

Failing that, you may possibly need to reinstall TCP/IP, or even install the IPX protocol and use that for file sharing. That's a legacy of Win9x, but can be used with some success for curing file sharing problems.

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