access denied PCA

  WallyD 08:18 19 Oct 2004

lately when scanning the helproomand after a short while I have box appearing with access denied. For years now I,ve had no bother now this.If it is a scam or virus ? I then have to logon again
Anyone else encountered the same

  rawprawn 10:27 19 Oct 2004

No trouble here, have you tried running the usual malware scanners. Anyway this will bump you back to the top. Maybe FE may have a comment.

  spuds 10:32 19 Oct 2004

No problems with access denied, just the odd error messages.

  easyrider 12:43 19 Oct 2004

Is it just a message at the top and side of page? If so, if you go to tools,internet options,privacy, pop-up blocker settings and set to low for trusted sites.

  Scillonia 12:55 19 Oct 2004

I have had the same problem, but not just on this site, and only at home using dailup, not at work on BB. Clicking the refresh normally gets me to required site

  Valvegrid 12:58 19 Oct 2004

I think what you are getting is slightly different, on dialup its probably a timeout error rather than access denied.

  WallyD 16:56 19 Oct 2004

Sorry chaps for being late in replying
the box is in the cenrtre of the page with
lexplore acces denied
hit ok and the next box comes up saying restart
It has just recently started and is only when I,m in PCA

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