Access database keeps disappearing

  The Bard 15:43 14 Apr 2014

I used Access 2007 in W7 to create a business programme for orders, invoices etc. This worked OK for many years, but twice recently clicking on the the desktop shortcut just results in an error message "can't find the shortcut database". I have searched through the computer but can only find very old versions, nothing recent, although the dates on the old copies are current. There is plenty of room on the hard drive.

  Woolwell 19:17 14 Apr 2014

It sounds as if the desktop shortcut to the database is corrupt and pointing to the wrong location.

You can check where Access should, by default, be saving databases. Open Access 2007, Click on the MS button top left, Choose Access Options(bottom right in that window) and on the popular tab it will tell you where it should be saving the database.

If you open that location you should find your databases.

Right click on your desktop shortcut and choose properties and check the target location.

  Woolwell 19:18 14 Apr 2014

ps Open your database from within Access rather than the shortcut first.

  The Bard 15:54 15 Apr 2014

I have checked options, but cannot see 'save'. It did have the option 'Compress' ticked upon exit which I have unticked. Programme has worked OK for 6 years using the same desktop shortcut. Only old copies I can find are old with nothing more recent although programme is used every week.

  Woolwell 09:24 16 Apr 2014

It doesn't show save. It shows where the files are saved. Check that location. The database should show a new date and time every time it is updated.

Open Access first, then open the database file. You should have only one with the correct name (apart from back-ups). There should not be several versions of the same database.

I am beginning to wonder if you have a MS Office problem or Windows snag.

Try going to All Programs - MS Office - MS Office Tools - MS Offie Diagnostics and run that tool.

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