Access data lost!

  theearlofsabden 17:59 28 Nov 2008

Access database won't open

Error reads "Cyclic Redunancy Check"

Data is stored on a Zip drive, it will not open from its orignal location....

When the zip is transferred to another zip drive the database opens but it won't re-save to itself or another location.

Any ideas

The Earl of Sabden.

  Rahere 18:07 28 Nov 2008

check if the original file is read only.

Also do you need to save the file to the zip drive or can you use it from your PC if you can save to a newer file?

  theearlofsabden 19:12 28 Nov 2008

The file will not open from the zip drive from my works PC......

Took it home... opens from my zip drive at home... but will not let me save it so I can make a copy........

Error reads "Cyclic Redunancy Check"

The Earl of Sabden.

  theearlofsabden 20:37 28 Nov 2008

The data is on a zip drive...... when trying to open message say the data is lost.

But when i insert the zip in another PC the data appears but it won't allow me to make a copy, back it up or send it by means of copy/paste or sent to: i.e. another location like a pen drive or even the desktop.

The data in the original zip drive won't open....
It will open in another zip drive......
But it won't re-save anywhere!!!!

Any ideas

The Earl of Sabden.

  Woolwell 20:42 28 Nov 2008

You may have corrupted data on the zip drive and possibly the drive is starting to fail click here

  Woolwell 20:42 28 Nov 2008

ps you do have a back up don't you?

  theearlofsabden 21:01 28 Nov 2008

No I don't have a backup!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody an ideas how I can recover this data?

The Earl of Sabden.

  Terry Brown 21:25 28 Nov 2008

download CDCHECK click here trial for 15 days, select recover and say where you want your recovered data.
Good luck.

  Simsy 07:02 29 Nov 2008

to make another database, (which will create another file), in a location you choose, and then importing into this database the data from the "faulty" one.



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