Access control lists in Home Hub

  PDES 16:21 30 Oct 2006

I would like to ban a specific MAC address from accessing the Home hub. Could someone tell me how I can get access to the ACL?

Also, I think I read somewhere that it is possible to access broadband talk by dialling an access code from my normal home phone. Sounds far-fetched but is it true?



  Dipso 21:32 30 Oct 2006

Saw your message. Not an easy one this. Basically it can be done but it's not straightforward as you have to telnet into the router. I've seen a couple of posts where they advised you ring BT's helpline and they'll talk you through it.

I don't have one so can't experiment. If you want to try it, first obtain the MAC's you want to allow to access by using the command prompt and ipconfig /all

You can open a telnet session to your home hub by clicking on start, run, and typing "TELNET API.HOME" (without quotes)into the run field. This will open a session. Login using username ADMIN, and whatever your admin password is. (admin again is the default)

This will get you the {admin}=> prompt

Someone's copied the text you see when you do this click here this is an image of the same click here You need to access config but you'd have to figure it out from there.

Well you did ask! ;)

  PDES 08:19 31 Oct 2006

Many thanks....again!! Any thoughts on the BB Talk access query?



  Dipso 09:32 31 Oct 2006

This is all I could find click here= Not sure if it's what you're after but someone is asking if you can make calls via your landline and the response click here= says something about putting a 5 beofre the number. Call quality is said to be poor though.

If you have any problems with any of the above the guys on that forum would probably be able to help you out...probably better than me! :)

  PDES 11:38 31 Oct 2006

That was it! Well done, I knew I wasn't cracking up!

BTW can you think of any reason why a Wi-Fi connected PSP game console should show up on the hub as an ethernet connection coz ours does and this stops the normal wireless restrictions being applied!!?



  Dipso 13:36 31 Oct 2006

No problem.

PSP...mmm...not sure about that one. Can't see how it's definitely the PSP connection i.e. if you disabled it, the PSP would no longer work? Do you have the correct setting i.e. Infrastructure or Ad-Hoc. Probably have to pass on this one sorry.

  PDES 13:49 31 Oct 2006

I identified it via the MAC address. It stumped me also but thanks for trying.



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