Access BBC News 24 online from outside UK

  Chillie 13:28 19 May 2008

Have been trying to get access to UK channels via my PC from overseas. As you know access is restricted to UK based users. Is there anyway I can achieve this.

Have tried but both FF and IE7 cannot display page. Read about using proxy servers, but not sure about security.

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 13:42 19 May 2008

At the moment it does not look as if this is possible. Read through this, though I don't know if it will help ... click here

  Chillie 14:28 19 May 2008

Have you or anyone else use proxy servers.

  Technotiger 16:51 19 May 2008

Can only speak for myself of course, but I have never used proxy's.

  audeal 19:34 19 May 2008

I don't think british TV should be accessible to anybody abroad. After all, Who pays the licence fee, Us or them.

  Chillie 19:43 19 May 2008

Will have a go tomorrow!!

audeal, you should not comment without the facts. I am British, I pay my UK licence fee and my top-band SKY subscription.

  audeal 19:53 19 May 2008

I was not refering to you personly. Maybe I should have said any country instead of anybody. Of course if you pay the licence fee you are entitled to recieve the british stations but if you are able to recieve them abroad then so can anybody who does not pay the licence fee. Satellite can be recieved anywhere and you do pay to recieve it, nobody can recieve it without payment, including anybody in foreign countries.

  laurie53 20:07 19 May 2008

You don't pay the licence fee to receive British stations, but to "install television receiving apparatus".

I pay nothing to the Irish, French, German, Dutch etc stations I watch.

  polymath 22:27 19 May 2008

Just for the sake of throwing another spanner into the debate, I'm a Brit living in the Republic of Ireland (Co. Donegal), near the N.I. border, and only pay for an Irish TV licence. With a decent ariel, we can get 'spillover' transmission from N.I (the 4 main UK TV stations, and BBC Radio 1,2,3&4 & Radio Ulster).

I'm a Londoner and can feel a bit cut off here, and this helps. The UK transmissions presumably cover circular areas, which just happen to cross the border in some places. Do some of you think I should avoid the UK stations that my dial (or remote control) finds? Or do you agree with me that it would just be a waste and wouldn't benefit anybody?

  laurie53 05:52 20 May 2008

Presumably you sometimes buy British made goods which have been advertised on the ITV stations you watch.

You pay for that advertising, and therefore for the TV you watch, in the price of the goods.

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