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  Gary Wood 15:04 26 Oct 2005

I have an MS Access database which has fields for names and addresses. The addresses are broken down into separate fields for address line 1, line 2, town/city, county, postcode etc.

I can use mailmerge to create mailing labels from these, but I often need to make just one label at a time with one address. Does anyone know of a way to export the details from these fields and paste them as an address (i.e. sort of mailmerge only one record) without having to manually copy and paste the address line by line?

It really would save me a lot of time if I could find a way!

Thanks in advance,


  woodchip 15:58 26 Oct 2005

If it's like WordPerfect you should just deed to click on the address in the address book

  Diemmess 16:15 26 Oct 2005

Access is never that simple. Hopefully some Guru will come in for you, this merely bumps it up.

A long winded way which does work if you have a reasonably short list of people

Make a report as a simple no frills mailing list. Export it as RTF to a word file. Then my idiot way is to copy and paste the single address as required. (Sorry that was pretty limp!)

  mimram 16:27 26 Oct 2005

In my databases I include a checkbox and create a query to pick out the names and addresses that are ticked. The query can them be merged with your labels template to produce any 1 or more labels.

Hope this helps

  Gary Wood 18:21 26 Oct 2005

Thanks for your replies.

Mimram - I did something similar to your suggestion by creating a column and entering "y" for all the addresses I wanted labels for and then mailmerging these. However, the problem was that I couldn't find a simple way to remove all the "y"s from the column once I'd done the merge so that I could start again next time.

How did you create tick boxes and is there a way to reset them all to unticked?


  Access genu 23:30 26 Oct 2005

The way to do this is by coming at it the other way round.

Create a form in access with an unbound check box. then use access's capability to produce the labels for the records selected

  mimram 07:59 28 Oct 2005

Sorry Gary but my suggestion was for where you only want to print a single or very small number of labels from the entire database. In that case it is no problem to manually tick and then untick a couple of items.

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