Access 2002 - OLE Registration

  AndyJ 17:53 04 Oct 2003

Ok...This is doing my head in now.

I'm running Office XP on a Windows XP machine. I have been using it for ages with no problem, now suddenly Access is coming up with the following error when I am trying to add an OLE object into any database (I should add that I've previously added hundreds into these DBs)

Error message "Connection with the OLE server was lost, or the OLE server encountered an error while you were using it. Restart the OLE server and then try the operation again"

I can't find anywhere which says how to start the OLE server.

I've checked on System Information and sure enough under OLE Register, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are all there - but no Access. Under the Office 10 subfolder it says "Access is not installed or if it is it is not running. Start the application and press F5". Well I've done that and nothing happens.

I've reinstalled Office completely to see if it will auto register, but to no avail. I can only presume it may be a registry entry causing the prob.

Does anybody know how to restart the OLE server (my PC is a stand-alone machine not on a network); manually register Access or which registry key is causing the prob.

I've tried System Restore to no avail too brain's starting to ooze out of my ears !!

  VoG II 17:59 04 Oct 2003

This is for Access 2000 but I wonder if it might be relevant click here

  AndyJ 18:36 04 Oct 2003

Unfortunately none of these worked. The problem doesn't lie when Access starts only when I'm trying to add pictures as an OLE. The rest of Access is running fine.

I'm more and more convinced it's because Access isn't registered or a Registry key is incorrect. May be's bloomin' annoying

Thanks anyway. If you can think of anything else - all hints will be taken on board and tried.

  VoG II 18:45 04 Oct 2003

You could try Detect and Repair from the Help menu. I'm not convinced that this will work if you've already reinstalled but it can't do any harm to try.

  AndyJ 19:19 04 Oct 2003

Sorry, VoG...should have mentioned..I already tried that - in fact all it does is reinstall Access. And you're didn't work.

Thanks again.

  thms 19:29 04 Oct 2003

Don't know if this will help but click here;en-us;q295824

  thms 19:32 04 Oct 2003

sorry same link as vog.

  Chris the Ancient 20:16 04 Oct 2003

So in comes Chris - grasping at straws - as usual

Have you lost the references in the vba bit? It could have happened through some wierd and wonderful hiccup.

Alt+F11 to call up the vba bits.

Tools/References... Is the OLE reference ticked?


  AndyJ 20:40 04 Oct 2003

Thanks for the thought. No it's not that, the OLE Reference is ticked. Besides I have several databases with OLE objects and it's occuring now in all. I even tried creating a new one...same thing.

Keep 'em coming though. I'll try anything at the moment.

  Chris the Ancient 20:45 04 Oct 2003

That's it. My brain cell has collapsed under the strain as well now.

I shall keep watching as well to see if anyone has got an idea.

However, far be it from me to advertise another forum, but I've had a lot of Access help at

click here

Where there are even sub-sets of Access forums (forii?)


  AndyJ 13:25 05 Oct 2003

Uninstalled PSP8 and installed PSP7, link begins to work but only places filename in object window instead of picture.

Fully uninstalled PSP and tried using another prog - same thing

Totally uninstalled PSP, MS Office and Norton Systemworks (to be on safe side)

Reinstalled PSP and Office only - still getting OLE error telling me to restart ! Reinstalled Norton.

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