accelorator button on IE8

  sunnystaines 18:32 20 Mar 2009

anyone know where it is please, trying to give it a try but cannot find it in the customise toolbar icons or drop down menu

my ie8 version is 8.0.6001.18702

  ACOLYTE 19:16 20 Mar 2009

Not sure about a button i have not used it but if you right click on a web page you get a box with all accelorators as a choice this lets you find more or manage what you have,personally i dont understand what it is used for so i left it alone lol.

  Cockney Rebel 19:25 20 Mar 2009

Just to confirm the above post.Right click on a web page,then about half way down the box that appears there is access to accelerators which if I understand correctly is another name for shortcut keys.Hope this helps.

  sunnystaines 19:26 20 Mar 2009

right click is a normal right click no box of options. I was just wanting to play with the new options but failing to find some of them.

  sunnystaines 19:28 20 Mar 2009

still lost

  ACOLYTE 19:28 20 Mar 2009

You have to select the optionin the box after right clicking,select manage and you can mess with
the options there).

  sunnystaines 19:33 20 Mar 2009


done a right click no option of "manage" in the drop down list. any other tips please

  Zak 19:35 20 Mar 2009

Just highlight text selection on web page and accelerator button will appear. Then just click on it and a context menu will appear.

  sunnystaines 19:36 20 Mar 2009

found it on the "page" drop down thanks all for helping

  sunnystaines 19:36 20 Mar 2009

That worked thanks

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