AC adapter (sony)

  raziel08 12:15 20 Apr 2009

whilst sorting out my sisters sony vaio laptop i heard a strange kind of squeaking noise coming from the adapter. This is whilst it was plugged into the wall and laptop and switched on. Instantly i unplugged it as i know that it shouldn't make any noise. She claims to have been using it in this state for a while.

My question is this - does it present any danger and should i recommend that she buy a new one?

  mooly 13:01 20 Apr 2009

Hard to say. Adapters are what are called "Switch mode power supplies" and strange noises can be a symptom of a fault, almost always a "dried" out electroylitic capacitor. Some power supplies though (as a generalisation, not necessarily computer ones) can be noisy, with coils and transformers that "sing". Has it always done it ?

  ambra4 13:10 20 Apr 2009

“I heard a strange kind of squeaking noise coming from the adapter”

The only item in the adapter that would make any kind of noise is the voltage transformer

Like a buzzing or rattling noise this sometime happens, and should not be a problem and present

any danger

But if you find it annoying than I would replace the unit

  raziel08 13:26 20 Apr 2009

mooly no it hasn't always done it, linke most laptop adapters it was quiet. The light on it which normally tells you that it is switched on isn't lighting up. yeah it is annoying. thanks for the advice

  mooly 08:23 21 Apr 2009

It does sound like there is a problem, particularly as the power on LED isn't illuminated. Erm... has it been dropped I wonder. I wouldn't use it, if the output voltage isn't correct or has large amounts of "ripple" or voltage spikes superimposed on it that could possibly cause damage to the notebook.

  raziel08 08:45 21 Apr 2009

I don't think that it has been dropped from any height enough to cause damage to it. Will recommend to my sister then not to use it thanks.

  raziel08 12:51 21 Apr 2009

I was just wondering if there was a chance that there was some damage done to the battery because as i said in my first post my sister has been using the laptop in this state for a while (so she claims.

Is there anywhere that you guys would recommend that i look for a replacement cable (and battery. It is quite an old model really and i know for a fact that sony will ask the earth for the stuff.

Thanks for your help by the way

  mooly 13:01 21 Apr 2009

You can try CPC,

click here=
The Sony will have the output voltage and current printed on it. For example 19 volts at 6 amp maximum. Wattage is V * I so that would mean an adapter of at least 114 watt rating to be on the safe side. If you get a "universal" one make sure you get the polarity correct FIRST if any plugs before trying it on the notebook.

  raziel08 13:14 21 Apr 2009

thankyou for that mooly, I will have to get the details of the laptop then i will get back to you.

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