ac 97 audio driver

  picklsey 03:35 15 Jan 2005

xp home sp2...any help with this please i have done a google search and can,t find a download for this driver.i reinslalled my o/s and have hit a few probs i downloaded the m/b drivers bet i am getting no where all i get is code 10 the same for the ethernet.i don,t know what other info to put here any help please.

  AndySD 03:55 15 Jan 2005

What is the make/model of the motherboard?

  picklsey 04:06 15 Jan 2005

AndySD...thanks for reply ran everest got this

motherboard id 03/19/2004-breeds-6a79apamc-00

motherboard name-unknown

how would i find the name.thanks.

  AndySD 04:12 15 Jan 2005

Its an Epox Motherboard.

Does everest tell you the chipset on the motherboard eg VIA followed by some numbers

  picklsey 04:22 15 Jan 2005

intel breeds hill i848p

  AndySD 04:23 15 Jan 2005

Can you also get the BIOS String for me eg

Award: 2A59KZ1DC-00

It comes up when the pc starts and it may well be in Everest

  picklsey 04:39 15 Jan 2005

thanks for taking the time to help out done a restart to fast to read anything got this from everest.

award bios type phoenix-award bios v6.00pg

ac97 audio controller intel 8280ie(m)ich5

when i go into sounds in control panel yhe only thing that shows for sound is modem no other choices thanks again'

  AndySD 04:45 15 Jan 2005

ok I will look for the driver.

can you reboot and press the Pause button to see if you can get some of the string.

  picklsey 04:47 15 Jan 2005

will try again.thanks

  picklsey 04:51 15 Jan 2005

is this it...03/19/2004-breeds 6a79apamc-00

  Starfox 04:52 15 Jan 2005

The drivers should be at C:\WINDOWS.0\system32\drivers\ALCXWDM.SY try doing a search, if not there post back.

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