Abusive emails

  French Chemist 12:42 18 Jun 2004

A friend has received several very abusive emails from a client of theirs. These include various four letter words and doubting their parentage. They have blocked the sender but asked me to find out if they should report them to their (the abusive person's) ISP. Any ideas?

  Valvegrid 12:53 18 Jun 2004

Maybe the Police would like to have a little word with that individual, if the little bucketmouth is located in the UK.

  GroupFC 13:03 18 Jun 2004

Presumably they are no longer a client of your friend!

  Fruit Bat 13:09 18 Jun 2004

Any thing written in an e-mail can be used as evidence in say a libel case

  end 15:16 18 Jun 2004

am not sure, but this MAY be a misuse of the system that is "proscecutable"...I have "police connections"; would you like me to "make enquiries"...???are you "saving" all the messages??????is the "offender" IN the UK or....

  Kate B 15:21 18 Jun 2004

If the emails are defamatory they should be admissable as evidence. I think in theory you can also go after the ISP for allowing transmission of them, in much the same way someone launching a libel action against a newspaper can also slap writs on the distributor.

  Jackcoms 15:25 18 Jun 2004

Kate B

"I think in theory you can also go after the ISP for allowing transmission of them"

Interesting point - but rather assumes that someone at the ISP reads/filters (or otherwise) all e-mails, doesn't it?

  end 15:48 18 Jun 2004

I also thought that the ISP keeps a record "log" of the sites we visit; at least MINE does; some ISP"s will block access TO certain addresses ;

??? do I dare ask what the client is "aggrieved" about to have sparked this off???? adn you may be looking at racial harrasment or something......

Personally I would forget it and get on with the rest of my life.These things tend to escalate out of all proportion to their importance, which is probably what the abusive client wants.Just block the e-mails and forget it.
That's what I would do, but unfortunately we live in an increasingly litigation mad world,so no doubt you will be given lots of legal advice and encouragement to waste time on taking it further; time that would be better spent on the business.

  end 16:06 18 Jun 2004

there are several sides to this "argument"...all we can do is give our advise and guidance and suggestions as requested in the original starter; I wil do what I can, with the resourses I have access to if so asked.

we are all entitled to our views and opinions; mine is to give help where it is possible and within my capabilities and resourses.....

  French Chemist 16:23 18 Jun 2004

Many thanks for the replies, my friend has decided to follow ELECTRON99's advice and let it pass. They work in France helping people to find and buy properties. It was just that they wondered if it should be reported to the ISP.
On behalf of my friend many thanks to you all for your time and efforts.

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