about:blank! whats happening?

  Frantic 1 16:08 04 Jan 2005

Hi,I'v got the hijacked browser page,and i have typed about:blank in the finder window opposite. I'm not sure if this thing is doing any damage or ripping me off in anyway. As a temporary measure i have downloaded Mozilla Firefox 1.0 browser page, so know i can access my hotmail account, thats the only thing this parasite is stopping me doing on the explorer browser page. I just need the time now to try and erase the parasite, it seems to be very complicated to a novice like me. But while i still have this about:blank, is it doing me or my computer any harm?? Thanks for your advice

  Maverick81 16:12 04 Jan 2005

It might be an idea to download some spyware software and try and remove the hijacker from your system, most of these adware software programs hijack a file within windows called lmhosts.ics, try searching for this and deleting it, when windows re-creates it it should then allow you to access all sites once more.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Mav

P.s spybot search and destroy is pretty good as is adaware

  Gongoozler 16:15 04 Jan 2005

As a first step, download and run AdAware click here and CWShredder click here. Also make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date.

  JoeC 16:40 04 Jan 2005
  Nellie2 18:25 04 Jan 2005

There is acutally a fix that Norton has devised that will get rid of the AboutBlank variant that deposits a hidden dll in the AppInit_DLL key, so you don't have to try to do it manually yourself any more.

However there are different variants of this problem and depending on your operating system they are dealt with in different ways.

Frantic 1 you ask if it is doing your computer any harm... well yes, everytime you open IE it will hook deeper into your system and everytime you connect to the web it will contact it's home site. You may find things begining to slow up a bit.

If you download hijackthis click here and extract it into it's own folder, run a scan an paste the whole logfile here then I will have a look for you if you like. Do not fix anything yourself as a lot of what hijackthis lists is useful and even essential to the running of your PC.

  Nellie2 18:26 04 Jan 2005

ps.. you may have to paste the log in two goes as there is an 800 word limit here.

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