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  Djpcex 19:52 04 Jun 2007

Whether the ups be switched on while i am not using it for it to charge or i can switch off........ i mean whether the light in the ups be on after i shutdown my pc??........

  woodchip 19:57 04 Jun 2007

Explain In clear word what you want to know

  Input Overload 19:58 04 Jun 2007

You can turn it off.

  SANTOS7 20:01 04 Jun 2007


Short for uninterruptible power supply, a power supply that includes a battery to maintain power in the event of a power outage. Typically, a UPS keeps a computer running for several minutes after a power outage, enabling you to save data that is in RAM and shut down the computer gracefully. Many UPSs now offer a software component that enables you to automate backup and shut down procedures in case there's a power failure while you're away from the computer.

There are two basic types of UPS systems: standby power systems (SPSs) and on-line UPS systems. An SPS monitors the power line and switches to battery power as soon as it detects a problem. The switch to battery, however, can require several milliseconds, during which time the computer is not receiving any power. Standby Power Systems are sometimes called Line-interactive UPSes.

An on-line UPS avoids these momentary power lapses by constantly providing power from its own inverter, even when the power line is functioning properly. In general, on-line UPSs are much more expensive than SPSs.

  woodchip 20:06 04 Jun 2007

And the Best UPS is one that runs all the time and computer gets clean electric from it as well are a Regulated Supply, If it's a good one

  Djpcex 04:45 05 Jun 2007

What i am asking is.. after i have shutdown my pc.... whether the ups must be on for it to charge or else i can switch off the ups but the supply to the ups alone will be there ........ which is best??.... cause i bought one new apc ups.. it drained within 5min...so i thought it might have not got charged.... i dunno when the ups is getting charged ??.....

  Graham. 08:31 05 Jun 2007

Which model APC is it? If it is new you should have instructions on its use. If it maintains power to the PC for 5 minutes, I suggest it is doing its job. A UPS is not intended to power a PC for long periods, unlike a Laptop battery situation.

  wee eddie 08:44 05 Jun 2007

I'm not sure if I've got this right but I think that Djpcex wants to know.

Do you keep the UPS powered up all the time, or do you turn it off at the same time as the PC?

  UncleP 16:44 05 Jun 2007

Many years ago we put together UPS systems for measurement electronics which were required to operate unattended and continuously through National Grid outages and power cuts lasting several hours (ah, those were the days!). The internal batteries were (lead-acid) accumulators which took a similar period to charge so, once on, everything was meant to run for ever.

Modern UPS devices for computers are different in that they, as Santos7 noted above, are required only to provide a 'graceful exit' following a power failure. The batteries generally provide enough power for 5-30 minutes of operation so they are smaller and charge more quickly.

Clearly the critical factor in deciding whether or not to switch the whole system off is the time it takes to recharge the UPS battery under load. I don't have a guaranteed figure for modern supplies, but I would guess it's probably less than a few minutes. If so, it's ok to switch the UPS off with the computer; if you want to be cautious, I would suggest switching the UPS on shortly before the computer, to allow it to charge up and stabilise.

  amonra 17:02 05 Jun 2007

One important thing that most users of UPS overlook, is to switch the mains off every now and again to make sure the damn things are working ! Choose a nice convenient time, say just after your back-up on Friday night, switch off the mains and leave it run for however much time it's rated for. Saves a lot of hassle for when the real thing occurs and you find your batteries are no good.
I have experienced opening the box containing the lead acid batteries for a UPS and finding a white deposit inside the box and a couple of leads going nowhere !

  Woolwell 17:48 05 Jun 2007

"Do you keep the UPS powered up all the time, or do you turn it off at the same time as the PC?"
With my Belkin UPS I turn it off the same time as the PC. Whilst the PC is up and running the battery is being charged or kept at full charge. It is connected by USB and I can monitor the battery condition. It is normally at 100%. I also have a clean supply as it acts as a surge protector too.

I have used it in anger once when there was a power cut to the entire area. It gave me time to do a controlled shut down.

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