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  misters 14:56 01 Feb 2003

Hi, a friend loaned me a dvd, and my pc displayed a message that my machine wasn't campatible withe this dvd region. Does anyone know what's going on? as it plays on my friend pc ok.

Another query I have is, when i tried to mack a backup of a dvd i had using nero, a message was displayed saying "this disc is copyright protected" is there any way around this.
And before anybody ask it's all legal and above board. I got the idea from this forum about making backup's and keeping the orginal safe.
thanx in advance.

  tran1 15:17 01 Feb 2003

DVDS come in different regions;

Region 1 = USA and Canada
Region 2 = Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa
Region 3= Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
Region 4= Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Carribean, and South America
Region 5= India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
Region 6= Peoples Republic of China
Region 7= Unused
Region 8= Airlines/Cruise Ships
Region 0= No Region Coding

You can only play a DVD if the player your playing it on supports that DVD region. Check the DVD to see what region it is.

There are ways around copying copy-protected DVD's but I think its illegal even for personal backup purposes (I may be wrong). I don't know. You could try searching Google.

  -pops- 15:22 01 Feb 2003

Without going into the legality or morality of copying disks, copyright and whether or not it can be over-ridden, why do you think that DVD and CD manufacturers go to the effort of applying copy protection?


  misters 15:33 01 Feb 2003

I didn't want to start a big debate on this matter, if its not ment to be copied then fair enough. How would i check my dvd region playback and can this be changed?

  JoeC 15:45 01 Feb 2003

it might assist. click here

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