a ? about dvdshrink

  Ikelos 20:19 16 Jul 2006

hi, what controls the burn speed in dvd shrink, or to put is another way, how can you slow it down, at the moment i am doing a nice line in coasters... thanks.

  sean-278262 20:29 16 Jul 2006

click here you may find an answer there in the mean time before someone gets you an answer.


  gudgulf 20:38 16 Jul 2006

DVDShrink does not have a burning engine....it only produces an ISO or Video_TS file which you then burn with something like Nero.

click here

To control the burn speed you need to set it up in whatever DVD burning software you use.

  Ikelos 20:40 16 Jul 2006

thanks, but at first glance I could not see anything about the speed,

  Ikelos 20:40 16 Jul 2006

thank you, i will try again....

  gudgulf 21:43 16 Jul 2006

My apologies..........I was still using the older version 3.1.

Now updated.......but DVD shrink still does not have it's own burning engine.It still uses Nero's(or other programs) burning engine,and only gives you the options to alter the speed in Nero.

click here and scroll down to section 6.

If you are using something other than Nero you might not be able to control the burn speed directly from DVDShrink.

  Ikelos 22:04 16 Jul 2006

thank you all for the help, sorry I can not supply any more coasters, :-) just made a dvd.

thank you all again...

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