Abnormally High CPU Usage Laptop!!!!

  jackbowen123 14:21 07 Jan 2014

Hi, I have had this problem for a while now, that my laptop always has an extensively, unusually high CPU usage. This includes values such as %90 with spikes of %100 when doing something as simple as using a single web browser. The intensity of the problem varies and can often make doing things such as watching videos or playing games impossible, especially as around 6 months ago my laptop could handle similiar workloads with a breeze. I have downloaded coretemp and noticed I an normally running at a high temperature (varying from 70-85degrees and my laptop fan is almost always running whenever my laptop is on, and has been for around 18 months. This makes various tasks impossible, which i know is a problem since with the same software my laptop never used to experience any CPU usage issues. Is this a hardware or software problem? I have ran various virus scans to no avail, however I do use AVG which i know isnt the best. Does this sound more like a software virus problem or something more like damage to my processor after my laptop running at such a high temperature for such a long time? As you may have guessed I am not perticularly tech savvy and have only a very basic computer knowledge. Any suggestions, causes, or help would be greatly appreciated!! I have no idea what is causing the issue and cannot do anything on my laptop until I fix it!!

Many thanks, Jack! PS My latpop is a Sony VAIO VPCEB3J0E Intel Core i3 2.4 Gz Processor with 4GB RAM.. and I also run my laptop without battery as a desktop using charger cable as power.. if that information is of any relevance!

  jackbowen123 14:31 07 Jan 2014

PS - I have checked task manager to see if there are any strange/rogue processes which have been taking up CPU power - and have found none, it is always the application I am using - such as chrome, which is showing up in processes as taking up all of the CPU power, rather than a random process which I presume would have possibly indicated a virus!

  onthelimit1 15:32 07 Jan 2014

Have you tried the basics like clearing the fan and heatsink of accumulated fluff/dust?

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