Abnormal Termination Word 2000

  Diemmess 11:07 02 Jan 2004

Windows 98SE 1800 Duron 512 RAM
Friend 80+ years old has made a success of his (lifelong) photography hobby with Photoshop 7 but uses Word (2000) only like a "typewriter." He has no modem or interest in the Internet. There are no other programs like Excel, Access, Publisher or Powerpoint

Just recently he has a fault in Word which after half a page suddenly gives the error message:-

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library..................Runtime Error!"................"Program C:/Program Files/MS Office/Office Winword.exe"............."Abnormal Program Termination".......... "OK"

Pressing OK dumps him on to DeskTop, and on reloading, Word recovers most of the document.

He has found that he can print normally, but I cannot get him (so far) to try saving the letter. His normal procedure is to write, print (2 copies if important), then exit without saving.

He lives some way away and when I visited him yesterday, I tried 1) deleteing Normal.dot rebooting and the fault was still there. 2) Uninstalling not only Word, but earlier remnants of MS Works.

Deleted anything still lingering (including a huge array from Windows Temporary Files) using an Unistaller program which I trust as more thorough than most "safe" programs.

All seemed well, so I tidied some other unused stuff and moved his precious PSD folders to a larger HD.

Last night he phoned and said the Word fault was still there. I suggested he tried saving something in Word, and see if that made a difference? No answer so far. (I know that Wordpad behaves normally.)

I feel this is a registry problem, and if so I shall have to make another round trip, but would be most grateful for any ideas or discussion.

  Jester2K 11:16 02 Jan 2004

click here

Norton AV installed?? Another reason is the Norton AntiVirus Office plug-in (OfficeAV.dll) is corrupted.

  Diemmess 11:20 02 Jan 2004

No. There is no modem, or reason to have any Internet and related programs present or activated

  Big Elf 13:58 02 Jan 2004

This is a discussion about the same/similar problem click here

It mentions renaming a file called 'word.pip' to 'word.old' as a possible solution. I've never heard of this file myself ubtil now but I have a copy on my PC.

  Big Elf 14:05 02 Jan 2004

There is also mention of the printer being the cause of some problems.

Symantec WinFax gets a few mentions.

Although not directly related this MS KB article might help click here

  Diemmess 15:48 02 Jan 2004

Thanks, but no Norton stuff installed, Winfax, or even a modem.......There is no warning or request to restart. .....

The message is unequivocal, and that OK button which annoys me because it is definitely NOT OK.... simply makes Word disappear to Desktop and need reloading.

word.pip must be worth investigating, but it is a one hour round trip to the sufferer, and I want to go with a significant wish list.
I don't feel that phoned directions would be safe or achieve what we want.

  Big Elf 16:59 02 Jan 2004

I may be wrong on this but I seem to recall that when I install some software, not exactly sure what it is but perhaps it was MS Office, that I get an option to install some cut down Symantec Fax program. After having systems totally trashed by Symantec products in the past I never install it but it could be on his system.

Would a "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" error indicate a corrupted macro?

There was a lot of suggestions in that first link and it might be an idea to copy the key ones to start off your 'fix' list.

  Diemmess 17:14 02 Jan 2004

Please keep the ideas coming.

If thorough uninstalling, staying with purpose built programs until there are no signs of Office or Word, what is left must be something in the Registry, which is not overwritten during a new installation?

I don't want to fixate on something which may be quite wrong, but welcome any ideas for finding particular residual entries AFTER another removal routine.

  Diemmess 09:58 03 Jan 2004

Friend phoned last night, claims the fault has disappeared!

He can now close the document and gets the "Do you wish to save......" prompt.

The only thing he has done for himself since I saw the problem, has been to actually SAVE something, rather than print and then dump his work.

I will believe it when there is no return to his previous difficulty. Thank you Big Elf and Jester2K for persitance, sorry my first post had to be so long and detailed.

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