abline dnt+

  sunnystaines 19:35 14 May 2012

anyone know how i view whats been blocked, the help files say click on the toolbar icon privacy option.

well tried the green icon far right that shows o next to the home icon in ie9 and the dnt red/black icon in the command bar both with no joy.

i have no doubt its me not seeing the obvious but can some one point me right please.

  spuds 20:13 14 May 2012

Try clicking on the DNT icon at the top of the page, and a drop-down should appear. Sometimes you might have to click more than once, before it works?.

I use it on Chrome and Firefox, and both seem to work, using the method above.

  sunnystaines 20:21 14 May 2012

spuds all i get is a black box "clear skies no tracking found here" a sun set and a few boxes. I tried live chat support at albine not sure if i was dealing with a robot or a person has the person/computerised robot did not seem to grasp answers very well in the end it thought it was a norton clash but with norton disabled still no joy.

might be me not clicking the place, could you post a stepby step from when black drop down box open from the green icon please

  spuds 09:25 15 May 2012


On all the browser's (Firefox and Chrome. I haven't tried it on IE), the drop-down list is black with at least three sections showing 'social''ad network''companies', and how many were blocked, and what they were.

If you do not have this, then I would suggest that you un-install the program , then re-install and see if that corrects the problem.

I did no setting up, but you can do because there seems a facility to do that, but after installing I just let the program do its own thing. Looking at the Albine website, there is a Q&A which directs to various answers.

What I have found, is with Chrome which I now use surely for PCA, because I seem to have problems using IE on the PCA website, that 10.027 sites have been blocked since I started using the program last week. With Firefox, which I use for many other daily activities, on a large number of other websites, the block rate was only 1.517 ?.

  sunnystaines 09:30 15 May 2012


just tried my firefox latest version, no trace of dnt+ anywhere in firefox.

default browser is ie9, do not use firefox much.

just checked on xp same problem with ie8

  spuds 10:54 15 May 2012

When I installed DNT, I had the option to download browser versions, and not one that would do all. I could be wrong, but perhaps this is were the problem might possibly be?.

  john bunyan 11:03 15 May 2012

I use it on IE 9. Currently showing 15 sites blocked on PCA site. Over 110,000 blocked in last couple of months. There should be green circular logo with a red/ black surround in top left, to left of the "Home" logo (in IE9). When I click the logo it expands to show in 3 categories the sites blocked and the cumulative total.

  john bunyan 11:04 15 May 2012

Meant top right, to left of home logo.

  sunnystaines 15:27 15 May 2012

now got it working on xp after SAS found and deleted "web tracker" adware, w7 with ie9 till at a loss, ran SAS MBAM,CCleaner, disabled norton and ASC.

rebooted might try delete and put back at least i have it working perfect on one computer.

why did norton never find "web tracker" in the scans?

thanks for helping everyone, still open to ideas

  sunnystaines 21:27 15 May 2012

the new version fixed the problem.

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