Abit NF7-S2G M/Board Bios prob

  slimbo51 13:30 17 Aug 2005

Hi all.

Does anyone know how to increase the multiplier on this board.

There does not appear to be a setting in Bios for this and my 2500+ mobile AMD proc is only showing a 166x6 setting. (1000mz).

Have checked manual to no avail.

Have fitted board today after prob with my AN7 board.

Of to work now so will not be able to reply to any comments until tom.

Thanks for any help.

  ACOLYTE 13:49 17 Aug 2005

According to click here

There isnt one the board wasnt meant to be overclocked as far as i can tell,it makes good reading.

  Stuartli 13:57 17 Aug 2005
  dan11 17:10 17 Aug 2005

Is the fact that it is running at 166 X 6, concerning you?

Do you think it should be 166 X 11, about 1.8Ghz?

It is a mobile chip, so it will tick-over with a lower multiplier. When processor power is needed, it will automatically increase the multiplier. This cuts down on heat and wear and tear to the cpu.

Here is my socket 939 mobile. click here. It's is running at 5 X 200Mhz, tick over. Put it under pressure and it will go to 10 X 200Mhz = 2Ghz.

If you want to wind the cpu up, then this is usually done by increasing the fsb.

If I have it wrong, please disregard.:-)

  slimbo51 07:55 18 Aug 2005

Dan 11 your point regarding the mobile clocking itself up, is a very valid point I hadn't considered.

Can only raise the FSB to the limits that my generic ram will work at. Get the FSB much above 166 and one of my sticks of ram goes unstable.
OK I know buy better RAM.

It just seems very strange for Abit boards which I have been using for years to have no multipler setting in Bios, as they were always well known for there overclocking ability.

Me thinks I've bought a pig in a poke on this board.

  dan11 12:30 18 Aug 2005

Yes I agree with your comment, re the multiplier and not the pig in a poke.;-)

When you had the option to either use the manual or bios multiplier, you could fiddle your fsb to suit. This gave you much more control over what you wanted your system to run at. Sadly, most now just give you the fsb option.

While you are getting stuck with the ram at 166Mz, have you checked for a SPD setting for the ram? This may be able to lock or drop the speed of the ram to increase the fsb of the cpu.

Although not familiar with this board, is the cool and quiet setting engaged in the bios. This may and I stress may, override the "M" of the chip.

May be worth investigating.~~)

  dan11 12:56 18 Aug 2005

I have just had a quick look at the manual.

The NF7/NF7-S/NF7-M boards give you the option to alter the multiplier, in the soft menu, if the cpu is not locked.

The NF7-S2/NF7-S2G motherboards, yours, does not have that option.

But what it does have in the soft menu is to run the system faster. Under system performance you have the option to run the system at

Optimal. This is the default setting.

Aggressive ( with turbo is to overclock )

Turbo " " " "

Expert lets you use " user defined settings "

So it may be worth giving Expert a whirl.

  slimbo51 13:06 18 Aug 2005

Thanks Dan11 have tried that already.

Emailed Abit Tech support, got a very quick reply (Nice). The prob is that Abit boards by default do not support mobile Proc, and as such the board will go to lowest factor. As there ir no multiplier in bios there is nothing can be done outside of changing the proc to a reconised one such as desktop 2500 2600 Ect.

Have just changed my M/Board to another Abit NF7-s, which does not cause any probs as the multiplier is available.

Will in due time get a locked proc to use on this board so it will not go to waste.

Many thanks for all help, Will close thread off as completed now.

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