Abit KV8 MAX3 BIOS wont recognise SATA Drive

  Andy 999 13:54 05 Feb 2009

Hi, ive got a bit of a problem.

Well, my old IDE hard drive seemed to have failed yesterday, id had it 7 years so i suppose it had to go sometime, just wish id have backed up my data!!

Anyways, I bought myself a new SATA Drive, a WD 1600AAJS. Now, my BIOS wont detect the drive. Ive updated the BIOS, made sure all the 'SATA BIOS' options are enabled, and I have the driver floppy disk for my motherboard. However, when i enter the XP setup im told that no HDD were detected, and i just cant think why. Ive set the BIOS to check the HDD as the first boot device, but still no luck. The motherboard is a KV8 MAX3 using the K8t800 VIA Chipset i believe. Ive searched the net for solutions and a couple of people have had similar problems, however in the various forums no-one has provided an answer. Im tearing my hair out at this as I just cant think what ive done wrong....

Any suggestions anyone??


  Andy 999 14:11 05 Feb 2009


Ok, Ive managed the throttle the speed of the HDD to 1.5Gb/s, and the VIA SATA POST BIOS is loaded. However, now the CD is not booting into the XP Setup. If i remove the HDD, the CD is loaded fine. With the HDD connected, the BIOS seems to stop at the 'boot from cd' stage, idling for no reason. Any suggestions on that??


  canarieslover 14:16 05 Feb 2009

Have you reset the bios to CD as first boot device?

  retep888 14:21 05 Feb 2009

Which sata port have you connected the hd to?

1 of the top 2 ones or those 4 at the bottom?

  Andy 999 14:27 05 Feb 2009

Yea, Ive tried both the HDD and CD as the first boot device but to no avail. As soon as i disconnect the drive, the CD loads fine...

  Andy 999 14:28 05 Feb 2009

Ive connected it the SATA 1, its the VIA southbridge ones. For some reason my Silicon ones arent there. Its as if the connectors have been pulled off the motherboard!

  canarieslover 14:41 05 Feb 2009

The Silicon ones are the ones that need the drivers that should have been on a floppy when you got the board. These should be installed soon after start up of XP install, it will give you that opportunity.

  Andy 999 14:56 05 Feb 2009

Ok so ive messed around further. It seems that when i disable the SATA POST BIOS in the main BIOS, the xp cd loads, and i can select which raid drivers i want to load. Now, i ran it, and it found the HDD in the XP Setup. I formatted it, and it copied the xp files to the drive. But, when it restarts, instead of going into the xp setup off the HDD, it reboots the XP CD. IF i remove the cd, the BIOS tells me to insert a system diskette?! Seems to be one problem after another....

  retep888 14:59 05 Feb 2009

It seems you've enabled the sata raid,go into bios and in integrated peripherals ,choose onchip ide devices,and then disable sata raid rom.

After this you should be able to load XP without any sata driver.

  Andy 999 15:53 05 Feb 2009

Ok, so ive disabled the SATA in Integrated peripherals. Setup runs, i load the VIA drivers using the f6 feature, and windows copies the files. However, it when it restarts. It automatically reloads the windows setup. If i dont press f6, it wont recognise the drive. Ive enabled the SATA BIOS and tried that, but it just hangs in the BIOS....

  Andy 999 16:54 05 Feb 2009


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