Abit IC7-Max3 overvolting the memory...

  Dirty Dick 14:12 17 Apr 2005

i have recently overclocked my processor with an IS7-E but have just upgraded to an Abit IC7-Max3 in order to get my 3.0 to 4.0Ghz :D - it would only manage a few seconds stable with the is7-e but with the ic7-max3 managed to stay in windows for lengthy periods of time and it ran stable-ish - with just 2.9v on the mem... then i upped the 2.9v to 3.0v and saved and exited the bios and it wouldnt switch on! :O - any suggestions much appreciated...

Already tried:

resetting cmos
removing battery
resetting cmos + removing battery

thanks in advance!

  Dirty Dick 20:23 17 Apr 2005


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