ABC Snapgrafx

  scs2ltd 17:59 24 Feb 2003

Going back quite some time I had a cover disk with a free graphics utility for compiling flow charts and organisation charts called ABC Snapgrafx.
Have lost the disk and am now in desperate need of a copy.
Can anyone help?

  Pesala 18:35 24 Feb 2003

I remember it well. Great free program, but I don't think it runs properly on Win 9x.

I think it came on PC Plus Superdisk in the days when 1.44 Mbytes was plenty. I gave my copy away with my Windows 3.1 computer.

However, I do have a copy of Micrografx Graphics Suite, which includes a copy of ABC Flowcharter, and Snapgrafx 2.0 - the following comes from a readme.txt file on the installation CD

Installing SnapGraphics 2.0

ABC SnapGraphics 2.0 is included in the SNAP20 folder of the ABC Graphics Suite Application CD. To install ABC SnapGraphics 2.0, select Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and follow the instructions. You can also run SETUP.EXE from the SNAP20 folder of the Application CD.

ABC SnapGraphics 2.0 is a Windows 3.1 application. Therefore, it can't use Windows 95 features such as long filenames. Some information in Help may apply to Windows 3.1, rather than Windows 95.

  Pesala 19:00 24 Feb 2003

I just installed the Suite, but cannot see SnapGraphics anywhere. Maybe removed to save space. The disk was from PCW Magazine.

  jazzypop 19:04 24 Feb 2003

SmartDraw is a fabulous tool for those sort of uses - a free 30-day trial is available at click here

DOn't forget that Word has (limited) organisation and flow-charting abilities.

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