ABACAST program for media player

  hooligan 21:54 21 Apr 2004

When i try to listen online to talksport radio It was ok now i get buffering all the time since they made you get the abecast program they say its better but not for me. stop / start every 30 secs any ideas. ?


  hooligan 08:17 22 Apr 2004

someone who listens to talksport.

  spikeychris 11:02 22 Apr 2004

Looks like you're on you're own there pal. Is it only talksport that your having probs with?

  cycoze 11:07 22 Apr 2004

click here , for ABcast FAQ`s , you can test your bandwidth on the site.

  Stuartli 11:17 22 Apr 2004

Presumably others are making the most of your spare bandwidth...:-)

It's the missus who spends hours listening to TalkSport but I've just downloaded Abacast and found it works as claimed - streaming is the same as for RealOne etc even on modest dialup, on which I get very few breaks in the streaming no matter what the radio station.

  Stuartli 11:29 22 Apr 2004

This may be the reason:

click here

  hooligan 14:27 22 Apr 2004

Yes just talk sport bbc ok no stops. CY the test cant be done it comes up with error try later.

It says mabye cos i have dail up

Your missis has taste stuartli


  Stuartli 17:18 22 Apr 2004

Not really, otherwise she'd listen to Radio 2...:-)

As I said I have dialup and have had no problem with Abacast and it's the first time I've used it today.

  hooligan 20:30 29 Apr 2004

still dont work is there out i can do to the media player ive never had this trouble before with buffering.


  hooligan 18:55 04 May 2004

bbc radio no buffering. just the abecast talk sport. does that mean the bandwiths ok ?

  hooligan 21:33 04 May 2004


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